How is Wifi Hacking Done?

How is Wifi Hacking Done?

You know that very well that WiFi is now become basic part of our life. So hacking WiFi password is much easy way to access internet without any cost. It’s also necessary that if person need to move his place or his work requirement need this, so he can easily access WiFi without looking free WiFi or asking password to another. This is also use when person wants to know the activity of worker of their company. They can easily download the hacking tools and watch out activities of other workers of industry. Some persons are not afford to pay bill on regular basis and some of them are shifting to another place and now can’t arrange WiFi system at home. They also enjoy this type of facility anywhere.

WiFi is based on the standard of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering which called IEEE 802.11. Every WiFi have to build on this standard. And every WiFi network has usually three protocols WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), WPA1 or WPA2 (WiFi Protected Access). These two protocols or encryptions are using to secure WiFi from hacking or keeping password on it. This seems like something difficult but don’t you worry, you just need to understand about basic. Then you can easily hack WiFi password in minutes if you know about that how to operate computer simply.

Hacker can easily hack the password of WiFi by two possible vulnerabilities. One if admin of WiFi put weak password, if he has no suitable setting to secure password or if he depends on default configuration. These all are included in weak or poor configuration. Other vulnerability is that if WiFi encryption has weak or poor security keys which are essential to protect WiFi to hacking.

Tools and Software for Hacking

If you want to know that how WiFi hacking is done, first you need to install tool of hacking WiFi password. These are famous hacking tools of WiFi password which can easily available on any site.

Cain & Able

This tool famous hacking tool which firstly working to intercept network traffic to explore the password of your target WiFi. First it has done with traffic then it try to recover the password of WiFi.


This awesome hacking tool is available in free of cost for window operating system. This tool is used to attack access point and try to find password through this method. If anyone has the poor configuration setting, this tool can easily hack that password.


This tool is famous for the hacking password for linux software. But it’s really difficult for those who are used to working on window because user has to work on command line interface by typing words.


This is such an amazing tool to attack on 802.11 packet. This is specially designed tool for those person who want to inject forged packets.

Method of Hacking Password

These are very easy steps which can let you know about how WiFi hacking is done;

  • First of all, you need to install or download hacking tool.
  • You’ll find downloading button, just clock on it.
  • It shows WiFi devices which around you. Select your favorite one.
  • Now it will work on that specific WiFi device.
  • It will show password. Some device shows password according to date and time.
  • Now you’ve done. Just enjoy it.

To know more about wifi hack make sure to visit more sites.


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