How To Be The President Of Your Owners Association?

How To Be The President Of Your Owners Association?

The president of the community is always a co-owner named among the owners by election, rotating or drawing lots. Acceptance of the office of president is mandatory. But the designated owner may request his relief within the month following his access to the position, invoking the reasons that assist him to do so. The term of office will be one year, unless otherwise provided by the community statutes. The president-designate may be removed from office before the expiration of his term by agreement of the board of proprietors, convened in an extraordinary session.

It is an important position of the board and the role of president is major in decision making in the community. In addition, he must ensure the proper performance of the board and fulfill the duties.

Accepted the position, it is possible that as president you will be able to speak with people with whom you have hardly spoken before or even with neighbors who do not like you. Well, you just do not worry, as in this post, we will give you some guidelines to be the president of your community. It is not about making them better friends, but about getting a smooth relationship. With it, you will make your year as president more bearable for them and for you. Here are some ways to be good as the president of your owners association.

Listen with Attention

Active listening is a key skill that allows you to understand what another person is telling. As the president, you will have to listen to many people and work this point for the wellbeing of your community.

Start talking about time and move quickly to the important point.

Start a conversation on inconsequential issues like time or the last game of basketball is a good thing. But you must move quickly to the relevant points if you want to start a relationship with the person you talk to. You will talk to your neighbors and the other landlords at the specific times and, generally, things related to the community. You are supposed to take advantage of those moments to know them better and understand their needs.

Speak Clearly

Pronouncing the words clearly causes the person you are talking to listen to you properly instead of just hearing you. Try to change the tone so as not to bore the owners board. A monotonous tone suggests the lack of confidence and credibility in what is being told.

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