How to build outdoor staging?

How to build outdoor staging?

Outdoor stages are very comfortable to use these days and can be very economical. Nowadays, many functions are arranged outdoors to enhance the interest of the people. Stage made with high quality material can enhance the beauty of the whole hall. Outdoor stages are very inn these days and are built by many people these days. A stage constructed with wood is very feasible at an outdoor as it provides the protection for the electronics and other equipments.

For building an outdoor staging, the first thing that should be kept in mind is the location. Choose the location for building the stage which is best for the outdoor staging. the location of the staging depends on the purpose for which the stage is being designed.

While building outdoor staging, you must contain all the equipments which are necessary for stage. These equipments include hardwood, nails, hammer, sealant, saw and shovel.

After collecting all the equipments needed in stage building, choose a level and hard surface on which the stage will be built. Keep in mind what will be the front and back view of the stage and what will be the orientation of the audience.

You will also be required to estimate the amount of material that will be used in building the outdoor stage. You must make a plan for a stage. You should select a hardwood which is quite sturdy from the lumber yard which will be used in construction. Select the large planks of size 2 to 4 inches which will be cut down to construct the stage surface. Four hardwood big blocks will be chosen to make the foundation of the stage on all the four corners of the stage. The foundation of the stage should be strong so, the block chosen should be strong and big in size.

Then dig the holes on each corner of the stage and insert the block in that hole and put the nails in them. Fill the middle of the stage with other planks by adding the hardwood brace in the center of the stage to maintain the structural strength and integrity.

Try to treat the wood with the sealant which helps the person in preventing from rotting and degradation.  

While constructing the stage, keep in mind that the outdoor stage may be subjected to sudden weather changes. So, design the stage according to this fact. There should be a covering available in case of rain or storm. The stage should also be kept away from the extreme sunshine. Each time you use your stage, you should check the condition of the planks. If the planks are worn out or ripped off, then they should be repaired first and then the stage should be used.


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