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How to Buy a Remote Car Starter?

How to Buy a Remote Car Starter?

Picture the scene that you are preparing to go to work on a chilling winter morning. What happens is that you walk to your truck in the chilly climate, get in your vehicle and ignite the engine with the key, and now you start waiting for your vehicle to heat the engine so that it can move. Of course, it wastes your time. To avoid wasting time, what you can do is utilize a remote car starter to start the car sitting inside your house and go directly from your house with a warm toast to your car with already warm engine.

A remote car starter costs anywhere from $50 to $250 and can make your life more comfortable. To purchase a remote car starter for your vehicle, follow the simple steps mentioned below and avoid the hassle of waiting.

  • First of all, you have to go to a local automotive electronics store or you can visit online stores as well if you find it more convenient for having an idea of what it looks like and what features are available with this device for controlling and obviously you need to get the idea of prices.
  • Now you have to make a decision how much you can afford to spend for remote car starter. There is a variety of models available and the one you buy will depend on how much you can pay for at the time of buying. The remote car starter models in general range from very basic features and functions to very high-tech models.
  • You have to check the range of distance of the devices and determine what the idea range will be for you. In general, these devices have the least range of 500 feet. You can ask for greater range depending where you park your car and how far you will be inside your house.
  • You must ensure that you get a system which has a remote keyless entry, a transmitter, alarm functions, panic alarm and the car locator. These are all the safety features you will need.
  • In addition, confirm that your remote car starter has a foot brake safety switch which will make the light turned off when the brake is touched. It should also have a temperature sensor which turns off the vehicle if it is overheated.
  • You also have to ensure that it comes with a warranty which could be one-year, two-year, lifetime or limited warranty. Now select the best warranty you can afford.

You can have a peek at these guys to know about the best remote car starters.

If you have one of those remote car starters to open the car door and start the engine, you might asked yourself the following questions;

  • What does make this device work when I press the button?
  • How does a heavy door open with a command on button several meters away?
  • How safe is it?

The most common remote car starter devices that we use in our vehicle is the command that is usually integrated in the car key which and locks and unlocks the doors of our car. Many also arm and disarm the alarm at the same time. Some houses control alarm system with a remote control as well, but not as usual. Another very common car control is what allows us to open the door of our garage.

The device with which you open the doors of your car or garage is essentially a radio transmitter. The moment you push the button on device, the transmitter give a code to receiver. In a car or the garage, there is radio receiver which is tuned to frequency you are using for the transmitter, and it is very similar to those used in toys, and in particular remote-controlled cars or planes.

In the early days of opening the garage with remote, back in the 50s, the transmitters were simple. They sent one signal, and the garage door opened and closed answering to the signal. Opening garage doors with remote is something very common and widespread and the simplicity of the system poses a problem as anyone could go down the street with a transmitter and open any garage wanted. They all used the same frequency, so there was no security.

In 70s, this type of openings became more sophisticated. We saw a switch or switch soldered to a motherboard, and eight tiny switches. Varying these switches, you could control the code sent by the transmitter. The garage door could be opened only if the receiver switch was in the same positions as the transmitter. This gave a certain level of security, but not much. A switch of eight switches only gives the possibility of 256 possible combinations. This is enough for a group of neighbors to prevent opening the door between them, but it is not enough to give real security.

Normally a transmitter consisted of two transistors and a few resistors fed with a battery of 9 volts is the one that we can find in an ordinary walkie-talkie. Today, the remote transmitters have become more sophisticated since. You can look here for more information.


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