How to Buy the Best Measuring Tape?

How to Buy the Best Measuring Tape?

Measuring tape is an essentiality of life these days. It is not just something to use in the industrial field only. It holds great significance in household chores also. However, a lot of people don’t consider getting the best measuring tape for them. They assume that it won’t make a large difference. But it really does! The best measuring tape gives you the most accurate measurements. And that is why professionals take deep care of the measuring tape that they opt for.

There are some features that you need to take care of while you buy a measuring tape for yourself. Here are some of them so that you can get the best measuring tape for yourself. Don’t waste your money; get the best one for once and all!

Determine the Length

First you need to decide the length of the measuring tape. How much feet long measuring tape is your requirement? It depends on the usage you demand it for basically. If you don’t require a 40 or 30 foot long measuring tape, then don’t get it. It will require extra space and won’t be of your use as well. Determine the length first as it is the basic step.

Stand Length is also Important

Stand length is something that is not much bothered about by majority. However, some people do compare the stand length before they purchase a measuring tape. This is usually done by professionals. Stand length above 8 feet is known to be solid and great to go for.

Check for Durability

Then, you need to consider the durability of the measuring tape. It is an extremely essential factor or feature of the measuring tape that cannot be neglected. If you are at a workplace then you might drop the measuring tape now and then. It can happen in home also. If it cracks up slightly eve, you will have to get a new one. So you really need to check it for its durability before you purchase it. Many tapes bendand rip apart with slight pressure only causing you to lose it. However, make sure that you grab a measuring tape which is durable and resistant to being dropped and ripped apart with slight pressure.


Accuracy is really important while you are shopping for the best measuring tape. You have to make sure that the tape you are using goes straight when opened and does tilt. Otherwise your measurements would be inaccurate. You can see this website to know more info.

Nowadays, tape measures are very common in use, but still many of us don’t know, what a tape measure is.  Don’t worry I am here to help you through all this. Basically, the tape measure is a flexible ruler, which consists of a ribbon of cloth, metal strip, plastic or any fiberglass with measuring markings. Measuring tapes are very common, as they allow you to measure a great length easily. This also allows you to measure curves or corners.

History of Measuring Tape

Before the measuring tape, people were using the measuring device by Romans using marked strips of leather, which was a regular ruler. Later, on July 4, 1868, New Haven filed a patent. Fellow’s rule, while rudimentary and insubstantial, was the first attempt to make a spring tape measure and on 3rd January 1922 Hiram A. Ferrand acknowledged the patent that he filed in 1919 for his measuring spring tape. Between 1922 and December 1926, with the help of The Brown Company, Farrand experimented to produce mass measuring tape. Basically, the measuring tape was the product of Farrand.


Tape measure comes with a lot of uses. Measuring tapes are used to measure anything you want to. Measuring tapes were used to measure human’s waist line but nowadays, the measuring tapes are made for sewing that is made up of fiberglass because they do not stretch or tear easily. Measuring tapes are designed for construction or carpentry that is often uses a straight and stiff when unmitigated but reacts into a spiral for expedient storage space. These types of measuring tape have a floating hook or tang on the end to aid measuring and the tang connected to the tape with loose rivets through oval holes which can move a distance equal to its thickness which provides both outside and inside measurements, which are accurate. A measuring tape can measure up to 25 feet to 100 feet. As we said before they measure accurately, the tapes are very common because of its accuracy.

Today, there is a lot of variety in the market in the name of measuring tapes but not all of them stand out. You cannot consider all of them to be great. So how can you buy the best measuring tape for yourself? Whether you want the perfect one for your home or you want one for your industrial purposes, you need to take care of few general buying points as you buy other stuff. I request you to visit this page if you want to find out how to buy a good tape measure.


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