How to Buy When You are on a Diet?

How to Buy When You are on a Diet?

Go to the purchase being on a diet does not have to become a torture; the idea is to choose foods that can contribute to your goal of losing weight and changing habits, and avoid the temptations. Here you will get the keys to making a good purchase when you are on the journey to weight loss. Careful selection and buying are is the first steps to have an effective diet routine.

Things you can’t Miss in your Shopping Cart

The Fresh Produce

It is the basic in your list. They are fundamental in a complete and balanced diet. You must prefer buying fresh vegetables, fish, meat, eggs and other needed items. The second option is to buy the frozen items.

Fruits & Vegetables

When you visit the grocery store, you may be tempted by the fruits and vegetables in season and they are at their best and have the best quality and price ratio as well. Therefore, it is better to buy the in season items.


You need to opt for the essential fiber as increasing the fiber intake will help you fight constipation. In addition to fruits and vegetables, you should consume whole grains, so you can choose bread, rice or whole wheat pasta and you will notice the difference.


Natural nuts are a good choice for mid-morning snack and they are a great source of essential nutrients for the body and giving a feeling of being full. So it is necessary that you include almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts but they are not supped to be fried, roasted or salted. Remember that you do not exceed 30 grams of nuts per day.


The herbs and spices help you to vary your diet as you discover the new flavors to enhance the taste of the simplest preparations and they also help you to reduce the intake of salt. Therefore, buying herbs and spices has to be in your grocery list.

The Avoidable Items

There are some products that you had better forgot if you are trying to lose weight. This is the case of prepared dishes, sauces, pastries, sugary soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, sweets and desserts which are often high in salt sugar and saturated fats.

Tips That Will Help You Buy Better & Controlled

  • Make a closed list and avoid temptations.
  • Make purchase with a full stomach since hunger affects your buying decisions.
  • Revise the shopping list of products you are going to buy; the shorter list is better.
  • Read the labels and compare the nutritional information of products. Don’t fall a victim of false claims such as ‘no added sugar. You ensure the sugar or caloric reduction is real and not harmful to a worse nutritional composition like more saturated fats or a list of endless additives.
  • Use any shopping app to access your online shopping list if you don’t like holding paper slips.

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