How to Choose the Best Remi Weaves?

How to Choose the Best Remi Weaves?

Remi weaves are hair extensions done using hair from another human being. This type of Remi hair weave is acquired from the human donors usually those who sell their own hair. This term means that the hair is the best type for weaving or hair extensions. For the best weaves, here are several tips I have listed down which you can follow to get a good bargain.

Look for Virgins

Virgin Remi hair is the best type since the cuticles are 100% intact and the hair has never experience chemicals. Although virgin Remi hair is also the most expensive, the quality is also unmatched giving you the best Remi hair for any human hair weave. So ask vendors if they are selling virgin Remi human hair and be willing to pay for the price.

Know Exactly What You Want

You must choose what type of weave that you really want. Wavy hair is the most popular texture but if you want to have curly tresses then get a curly Remi hair. Also consider straight ones especially the Indian Remi hair since you can style it more than the other types.

Check for Alignment

Properly aligned Remi hair strands are less likely to tangle. So be sure to get one. Check how the strands are sewn and also check from root to tip. Avoid mixed roots and tips even when they are the cheapest option. The Remi hair should also naturally fall into the scalp. You would not want a Remi human hair weave that tangles a lot.

Get them from a Reliable Source

You should be aware of the sources of the Remi weaves that are offered to you on the market. Be sure to know if the sources are good and reliable. If you really want the best Remi human hair then go for the Indian hair. If you want the best Indian Remi hair then look for the virgin ones. You should check your supplier if the Indian Remi hair weave that they offer are authentic.

Read Online Reviews to Compare Different Brands of Hair Waves

You will find a great number of brands of the hair weaves when you decide to buy it. Now I know it is impossible to buy every brand to try if it will work for you or not. To find out the best one, it is suggested that you read the reviews available online in order to learn the merits and demerits of different brands and take notes of the important points which you will have to compare later on so as to make the final decision to purchase the best one.

From this list of tips, you can now effectively shop for the best Remi weave and get the one that fits your needs. The only issue about Remi hair weaves is that quality colored ones are difficult to find. Black and dark brown are quite in abundance and are likely in demand since most of the people have black and dark brown hair.


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