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How To Choose The Best Thermos?

How To Choose The Best Thermos?

In this dynamic world today, having a thermos is indispensable when it comes to transporting drinks, whether hot or cold, or because we want to enjoy a coffee in the middle of the work day, or to keep ourselves hydrated during physical training or to make sure our children drink milk or homemade juices while at school. If you are thinking of buying a thermos, I recommend you to check this guide to buy the best thermos among the many options offered.

Thermal Isolation

How to isolate the temperature is the main feature that you should consider when buying a thermos as the thermal insulation is the essence of the creation of these containers. Liquids are heated/cooled because the heat moves from the hot to the cold, and the temperature can be lost by convection, conduction or radiation, which are the forms of transfers that the thermos try to avoid in their manufacture.

It is formed by a vessel inside another with an empty space between them because, by convection, the vacuum prevents the passage of heat towards the vessel, avoiding to heat a cold liquid or preventing a hot liquid from cooling.

In manufacturing, materials with little or no heat transfer, such as glass, are often used to prevent transmission by conduction, although the glass has ceased to be used as an insulation material because of the brittleness of this material. Likewise, they have a mirror finish internally to make the heat rebound and return, either in or out of them, avoiding radiation transmission.

In theory, a thermos should maintain the temperature of the liquid perennially, but in practice the content is cooled/heated because heat passes through the mouth of the vessel, so the cover is the second important feature that you should have in mind when comparing how much a thermos costs. The lid is the element that complements the thermal insulation, so it usually has a tight rubber seal to prevent heat transfer.


The capacity of a thermos can be specified based on 2 parameters, the amount of liquid it can hold inside it and the time in which it can maintain its temperature.

When comparing, you will find that the amount of liquid supported can vary between 250 ml and 500 ml. The temperature holding time can also vary from 1 to 4 hours for hot liquids and from 4 to 12 hours for cold liquids. The ability to maintain the proper temperature is directly affected by the processing material and the sealing technology, so it is advisable to check these specifications to find which thermos is best.

Do you have a thermos? I hope you do as it is one of the basic necessary items if you love to enjoy hot coffee outside your home in the winter season or enjoy cool energy drinks or water in the summers when you are out of home. Whatever liquid you may enjoy with the help a thermos, you may have the following concern and you must have heard many people expressing it.  

“I have a thermos that smells very bad and I do not know how to remove the bad smell from the inside. Are there any homemade remedies to clean the thermos without using any chemicals and get rid of the bad odor?

Let me tell you a few tips to clean and eliminate the bad odor of the thermos.

  1. A homemade trick to disinfect, clean and remove odor from thermos is to add a little hot water and a few grains of rice. Shake the thermos and repeat it several times. You will see that the thermos term will be very clean.
  2. To remove the dirt inside, a home tip is to add a cup of hot water with 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Let it sit all night and clean the next day with a bottle brush. Rinse with cold water and it will be ready to use.
  3. The eggshell is another home product to clean and disinfect the thermos. Break an egg shell and add to the thermos with two cups of hot water. Close it and shake vigorously for a few minutes. Rinse with a plenty of cold water.
  4. Vinegar is another home remedy to disinfect and thoroughly clean the thermos in addition to removing the odor. Add a quarter of white vinegar into the thermos with a cup of water. Shake well and let stand 10 minutes and rinse with cold water. Vinegar will also help remove tartar stuck inside.
  5. To remove odors and disinfect the heat very well, a homemade recipe is to boil 1 cup of water with about 3 lemons, pour into the flask and shake well. Finally, let stand for a few minutes and rinse and the thermos will be perfectly clean.

This is how you can clean a thermos. If you are willing to get a new one, I would like you to visit The Review Gurus where you can find a great range of the latest models of thermos


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