How to Clean Leather Furniture Effectively?

How to Clean Leather Furniture Effectively?

When it comes to fins information about how to clean leather furniture, one must be very particular about it. The very first process begins with dusting. Dusting must be done on a very regular basis and one must never fail doing so. Dusting of your leather furniture once in a week with help of soft cloth or vacuum cleaner is a must. Even if you feel that is does not require dusting, it must be done without fail. Even though it is said to be a long lasting material, leather tends to break up in very hot conditions. So it is advisable to use leather conditioners once in every three months to prevent leather from drying out and always select the best leather cleaners only.

Cleaning also depends on various factors like dust and spills. So how to clean leather furniture in case of spills is a very viable question. The night mare occurs when you get ink spilled on leather furniture. One can get rid of that using cotton and rubbing alcohol. Once it is gently rubbed, you can even see the spills getting transferred to the cotton. The use of oil free cuticle remover and aloe Vera can also remove ink stains. You need to apply them on the spot and leave them for couple of hours. Wipe it out at the end with damp cloth and then it must be allowed to dry and become moisture free.

The issue of how to clean leather furniture gets more serious when the stains are darker or harder to remove. For such dark stains one can make a paste of small and equivalent amount of cream of tartar and lemon juice. This paste can then be applied and be left on the spot for 20 odd minutes. After 20 minutes, very carefully make another coating of the same. Allow it to settle down and then later wipe it with a damp soft cloth, along with a small amount of detergent. Your nightmare should be over now. In case you are still not satisfied to the reply of how to clean leather furniture, here are a few more tips;

  • The furniture must be kept away from dry places to avoid the loss of luster or brightness.
  • Linseed oil and vinegar must be mixed in a two to one ratio and applied on the furniture to keep it shining.
  • The sunlight, heater and fire place must also be avoided.

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