How to Clean Suede Leather from Scuff Marks?

How to Clean Suede Leather from Scuff Marks?

Suede leather is considered a luxury for its great appearance, its smooth feel and its durability. It is very durable and lasts at least four times longer than upholstery. It is difficult to tear, puncture or burn leather and it can be easier to clean leather furniture than upholstered furniture. Use these guidelines about how to clean Suede leather to keep your furniture clean and looking beautiful.

Scuff marks on suede leather can be dealt with using nail files. What you need to do is gently file the area using a nail file made from plastic or similar materials, never metal nail files, until the scuffs begin fading in the texture. Only file exactly on the spot of the scuffs, very gently and slowly. In the absence of a plastic nail file, you can also utilize a piece of extremely fine sandpaper for the job, but the same rules apply.

How to Clean Suede Leather from Dried Stains?

The answer to this question is twofold and it depends on whether the stains were caused by liquids or substances with a semi-solid consistency. In case the stains come from a liquid source, then you will need to apply white vinegar on a clean piece of cloth just enough to dampen it proceed to rubbing the spot.

For persistent stains, you will need to let the suede dry and repeat the process. When it comes to stains caused by more consistent substances like sauces, standard erasers with the same color as the suede leather are more proficient. The correct way to do it is rubbing the stain in a similar manner as if you were to erase your writing from a piece of paper – gentle left to right movements.

What to Avoid When You Clean Suede Leather?

Besides heat drying, you should also avoid ironing the suede leather garments even though they present unpleasant looking creases.

In order to eliminate the folds, you can simply hang the jacket on a padded hanger. Petroleum jelly based products also fall in the category of items that should never be utilized in cleaning suede leather and the most common example is Vaseline. Non-breathable bags are inadvisable storing locations for suede leather, and for most types of leather for that matter, because otherwise the texture will dry and begin to develop fissures. All in all, a clean suede leather surface can be achieved if you follow these guidelines.


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