How to Convert Steem Into Cash?

How to Convert Steem Into Cash?

If you want convert some of your steem earning into cash, a good place to do it is Where you can simply trade STEEM for Bitcoins and Steem Dollars for Ether or Bitcoin.

As soon as you have cashed it out to Bitcoin, you can use any exchange like Coinbase or any independent trader near you at (which is active in more than 10,000 cities and more than 240 countries) to convert your digital currency into flat currency (usually in just few minutes and straight to your bank account). If you are unable to spend them directly for getting products or services you want. There isn’t any procedure to cash them out straight from Steem Dollars to flat currency, however the owner is woring on it so wait and follow for updates.               

Other Ways to Earn on Steem

Few other means for earning are proof of work to mine, validating transactions as well as trading or liquidating rewards.

Who Can Take Benefits from Steem?

If you are willing to social and share your ideas, then you can be successful on Steem community.

Steem is one of the revolutionary breakthrough for writers or content producers who like to be paid. Reddit, Twitter and Facebook don’t pay you directly, although they make money from all your hard work.

Just like YouTube, allow you to earn a commission of the Adwords ads that Google presents, you need to be earning millions page views regularly, although if you need to make much money.

Steem is entirely different. It is an entire economy which pays you for creating value from your content, that you already be producing anyway.

When you aren’t interested to create content, Steem allow you to make small earning in terms of Steem Power by curating with minimum time every day. As the reward earned by curation decline after every 20 upvotes in 24 hours. 

Remember that Steem isn’t only a channel for dumping in generic write ups and images that you already created. Though you can still be paid for it, if your curators ready to support you.

Best content is media which relates yourself, and to Steem, because it is already under change, with some of the curators who are seeking out content about everything except Steemit and Steem.

Thus Steemit is for anybody looking to earn money for just being social in their excess time by either creating or curating content. For more details for or any other information go to website.


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