How to Create Spotify Premium Membership Accounts?

How to Create Spotify Premium Membership Accounts?


Spotify is a computer and mobile phone-based music listening service. Though the service started in Scandinavian nation, it’s currently out there throughout Europe and within the United States.Wherever you’ll use it for gratis on Facebook or through paid subscription-based accounts, Spotify Premium permits you to urge ad-free access to Spotify music on 3 devices, and permits you to store some music for offline use.

Before you begin

Know that making a Spotify Premium account needs a legitimate MasterCard from identical country as your Spotify account. If you are employing a proxy service to access Spotify from a non-supported country, you will not be ready to produce a premium account unless you have got a payment technique from a supported country.

Understand that there aren’t any codes that you simply will enter to urge free premium membership. Any web site that claims to come up with codes for premium memberships could be a scam. The sole thanks to get free premium is thru the one-time test period or with promotional purchases.

Next Step is the Upgradation of your Account; All done!

  • Create a Spotify account if you do not have one. So as to desire a premium account, you will have to be compelled to produce a free account with Spotify. You’ll produce a Spotify-specific account or log in together with your Facebook account; any of the one you are comfortable with.
  • Spotify isn’t out there in each country. You willuse proxy service to access Spotify from a place that may not be supported, however so as to have a premium account, you would have to select a payment technique with a legitimate request address within the country with which you are attached.
  • Check if you qualify for the scholar discount. If you are an America student, attending a Title IV establishment, you’ll quality for Spotify at 0.5 value.
  • Redeem associate in-store code. If you bought a Spotify premium account from a store then it is the best obtain and you will usually receive the code on your receipt. To redeem this code, confirm you’re logged into the Spotify web site. You willconjointly redeem Spotify gift cards to buy subscriptions.
  • Start the Free Trial. You get a month of premium for gratis once you check in, as long as you have got never used a shot on your account before. Click the “Upgrade” button at the highest of the Spotify page to start out the free trial method.
  • Enter your payment info. So as to start out a free trial, you will have to be compelled to enter a MasterCard or PayPal account. Youcannot use a Spotify gift card to start out a free trial, although you’ll use it later to acquire your initial month.
  • Start enjoying Spotify now. Once you have got your premium account, you’ll begin enjoying the advantages on your pc and mobile devices. Working together with your Spotify account can provide you with immediate access to your premium edges.

You can get the account for free but after you know how to get Spotify premium for free, then you can enjoy all the content on spotify.


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