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How To Deal With Rats At Home?

How To Deal With Rats At Home?

The problem with invading pests has been around forever, and new and different, and sometimes questionable methods are constantly emerging to give humans the advantage over these unwanted guests in their homes. It is always advisable to know your adversary and exactly what you are up against before designing and implementing a battle strategy with rat traps.

The rats are highly intelligent and have the strength of chewing through almost anything, including cinder block, and can purportedly tread water for an hour or more. They are able to collapse their endoskeleton so as to fit through a hole as small as a quarter, or, in any case, if they can fit their head through the hole, then their body will soon follow the path to make a move forward.

There are two species which present the main problem of infestation known as the Norway rat and the roof rat.

1 – The Roof Rats

The roof rat is sometimes referred to as the black rat, nesting in trees and high shrubs.

2 – The Norway Rats

Norway rats are the larger of the two. These are the animals sometimes referred to as sewer rats or brown rats. These rats are considerably larger than the roof rat. They will nest almost anywhere where there is adequate shelter and a food source available, including basements, storage sheds, and of course in sewers where it is warm and moist with little or no human activity.

Because of their ability to chew their own exits and entrances, efforts to keep them out will be nothing short of futile unless the strategy for control them begins outside the structure. To begin, first of all, you have to be sure that there are no holes that the rats can get through. Professionals use a material called Stuffit copper wool. It is made of brass and copper and the other inert type materials that do not rust like the old standby, steel wool tends to do. It works well around plumbing access connections and air-conditioning vents, as well as many other areas.

Glue board type rat traps are and have been a source of much controversy. PETA objects to these traps for the reason that it is their position that the rodents endure a cruel death. The professional exterminators are of the opinion that glue boards are a tool of the trade used to control the rodents and should be viewed as such. Please, visit Review Gurus for more information about effective rat traps.

One thing that a lot of people with rat problems at their home are not aware of is the fact that, with the right supplies, they can actually build their very own homemade rat traps. Not only is this a lot less expensive than having to call out a pest control company to use poison, but it also tends to be cheaper than going out and buying rat traps. Plus, the process of making them is easier than you may think. So if you are sick and tired of rats in your home, now it is great time to consider the option of trying this out.

At first, a lot of people are skeptical about whether or not the homemade mouse trap will actually work just like store-bought ones. But the truth is that if you build them correctly and place them in the right areas of your home where the rat population is high, there is no reason as to why a homemade rat trap cannot work to get rid of your rat control problem for good.

The approximate cost of building your own rat trap can be as little as a dollar per trap, considering the materials that are needed which you can find around the house or purchase for a very small sum of money.

If you are the type of person who is humane about getting rid of rats, you will want to consider trying rat traps that don’t kill. This particular trap falls into the category of rat traps that kill (or at least have the potential to kill if you leave the rat in it for longer time. Otherwise, you can release the rat from the trap in a new area to prevent it from coming back.

Making Your Own Homemade Rat Traps

To make your own rat trap at home, you will need a 32-oz or larger tin can, rat food or bait, and a can opener.

By using can opener, cut slits in at the lid of the can to the point that you can fold the tin down and have the pieces over each other in a way that is interconnecting. Now bend these down to the point where there is still an opening for the rat to enter the can, but not too big so that it will be able to escape.

Now that the trap is built, all you need to do is to place some bait in the can itself. You can try bacon or any other kind of meat. To ensure the rat does not get away with it, consider gluing the meat to the back of the can. Finally, all you will need to do is to anchor the can in place with a wire. Be sure to set it up in a high traffic area, and make several of these traps if necessary for larger rat population. Making a homemade rat trap is a great way to take care of the pest control problem without worrying about using poison or harsh chemicals. You can learn more in this regard on different informative portals.


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