How to Find a Glass Hummingbird Feeder to Delight Your Senses

How to Find a Glass Hummingbird Feeder to Delight Your Senses

No doubt you have seen a glass hummingbird feeder either hanging in someone’s yard or in a display at your local home and garden center. Many times these will have either red glass or big red plastic flowers on them to attract hummingbirds. Indeed it is a good thing to have red on your glass hummingbird feeder as it will attract the little flying jewels.

However, that is not the full extent of the available types of glass hummingbird feeders. Just have a look at blown glass feeders and you will see the extent of the art that you can place in your yard. For instance, there is a feeder that looks like an antique glass bottle of some kind has been used as the base of a feeder to attract hummingbirds.  It isn’t really an antique but sure looks pretty and does look like an antique glass bottle.

You can find a glass hummingbird feeder in just about any kind of look you would like. I have seen etched glass, hand-painted, and hand blown 100% recycled glass hummingbird feeders. Some come in tinted glass wrapped in a metal such as copper that includes pieces cut in the shapes of leaves and flowers. You can see some good ones at

Glass hummingbird feeders are the only way to go. Not only are they the most beautiful, but glass will hold up best to the elements much more so than plastic or any other material. When choosing a glass hummingbird feeder, here are the factors you need to consider.


First and foremost, you want the hummingbirds to be safe while feeding. Therefore, if there are cats in the neighborhood that can gain access to your yard, go with a hanging glass hummingbird feeder. And be sure to hang it at least 5 feet above the ground.


Consider what size will be best. A smaller feeder is safer to go with if you’re not sure how much use it will get. Yes, you may have to fill it a bit more often, but the nectar will only stay fresh for a few days, and the hummingbirds will reject it if it spoils.

Easy Maintenance

Make sure it is easy to clean. Why give yourself a difficult chore if it can be avoided — a bottle brush, perhaps a toothbrush and a small rag should be all that’s needed. And rinsing with warm water when you change the nectar will keep mold away.

Ant Moat

Make sure to have an ant moat. An ant moat is a small cup-shaped apparatus that you fill with water to make it impossible for ants to reach the nectar. If possible, buy a hummingbird feeder with a built-in ant moat.


Hummingbirds are attracted to the color red, and wasps and bees are attracted to the color yellow. Your feeder does not need to be completely red, but you do want some red showing on it. And you do not want any yellow on your hummingbird feeder, as bees will actually keep the hummingbirds away once they discover it.

Aesthete Design

You want to choose a feeder that will be aesthetically pleasing to you. Glass hummingbird feeders can be extremely functional and be pretty to look at the same time. The hummingbirds will appreciate it as well.

No matter what kind of glass hummingbird feeder you want, you will find one that will meet your taste. Even if you didn’t care if you attracted hummingbirds to your yard, these feeders make great pieces of yard art and create sparkle in your landscaping.


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