How to Find the Best Countertops?

How to Find the Best Countertops?

Before you begin to find the best countertops, you must consider what your needs are. Of course these will not be the same for a large family that makes intensive use of this work surface than those of who make sporadic use. Another relevant variable will be the aesthetics or countertop design, since it plays an important role in the overall vision of the space. Finding the best countertop will be a matter of balance between strength, design, price, maintenance and necessary work.

Granite Countertops

It is one of the most common types of countertops. We can find them in a huge variety of prices, finishes and colors. This material offers a really good price-quality ratio, despite not being the most economical countertop.

It is a product of natural origin formed mainly by quartz, feldspar and mica. What has evolved during the last years is on the one hand the design and coloration, and on the other, the possibilities and techniques of installation and manipulation.

It is a highly resistant material to blows, scratches, heat and fire. Also they are very easy to clean and maintain and will suffice with water and soap, preferably of pH neutral. One of the great attractions of granite countertops, thanks to the whims of nature, is that no two pieces are alike.

Marble Countertops

Marble is one of those materials that give off style and distinction in any environment. It is widely used in the manufacture of countertops for kitchens, although in recent years, it has lost ground against granite, with better value for money and in front of quartz countertops mainly.

Among its advantages is the exclusivity and elegance of the material, considerable resistance to blows and scratches, inferior to that of granite but superior to that of other alternatives, and resistance to humidity and heat. If the care and maintenance are adequate, you will get a countertop for life.


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