How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies with Ease?

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies with Ease?

Have your fruits and vegetables been bothered lately by those irritating, small and fast fruit flies which you can’t seem to shake off? If you are, keep reading on to find ways on how to get rid of the fruit flies with ease.

In the first place, fruit flies are armed with an extreme sense of smell detecting every piece of food and food particles from a cake that is stored in your fridge to bread crumbs on the floor. With this in mind, one is supposed to make sure that all the foods are stored in a proper way being well-covered.

You should also try to make it a point to clean your food storage containers. This will lessen the chance of attracting fruit flies. In the next step, you need to find out where they are spawning. The fruit flies can swarm in from different spots of your home and if you are not aware of their breeding area, all the methods will be useless.

Fruit flies as well as other insects are known to lay eggs in moist or damp areas. Find these secluded areas of your house and clean them with towels or spray in order to kill both the fruit flies and their eggs.

There is another idea to try on how to get rid of fruit flies is with the use of commercial fly traps and fly zapper products. These products work by producing a light that attracts flies and then binding to them as they get close which leads to an instant kill. If you have made up your mind and have intention to use a fruit fly trap, it is advisable that you go for fruit fly trap reviews which are available online shared by the real users of the products.

These suggestions on how to get rid of fruit flies are supposed to be considered as a long term practice or goal instead of taking them just as the temporary means of eliminating these pests. There are a lot of other ways, but choosing the best one should be given the highest importance. If you are still unsuccessful in the eliminating the fruit flies, it is better that you call in a professional company to do the job for you, but be warned because this will cost you some money. However, the service you are getting will be well worth the money you spend.

Every year, an infestation of fruit flies in house kitchens across the country takes place. These annoying pests can multiply incredibly quickly and are capable of overrunning your kitchen or dining area in a short amount of time. Luckily, there are several fairly simple steps you can take to get rid of the fruit flies.

Things to Do When Fruit Flies Attack Your House

When dealing with fruit flies in your house and surrounding areas, you will need to immediately remove whatever objects are there of foods originally attracted to the fruit flies. This could be fruits and vegetables that had been left on the countertop or garbage that had been left out. In either case, you will need to completely sanitize your kitchen area or whatever area the flies are gathering in.

If you do not get rid of the fruit flies’ breeding ground, the adults will continue to lay eggs and larvae and your problem will continue to worsen with the passage of time. In order to begin the fly control process, you need to thoroughly clean your kitchen and living area to prevent future infestations from fungus gnats, drain flies, blow flies, cluster flies and phorid flies.

If you would like to avoid killing the fruit flies in your house, you can use a large jar with a piece of rotten fruit inside to attract the fruit flies. Once the fruit flies have entered the jar, you can cover the top with a board or folder and then take the jar outside, so that you can release those captured fruit flies.

Understandably, if you are dealing with a serious fruit fly problem, you will probably have to take even more drastic measures to get rid of the fruit flies. If you want to know how to kill fruit flies, then there are a couple methods you can use.

How to Prevent Fruit Flies in House?

First of all, if you are noticing a lot of fruit flies originating from your drains, then you should consider pouring a cup of warm vinegar mixed with water down your drain. Then, to get the remaining fruit flies, simply place the vinegar in a bowl or plastic container. Add some dish soap to the vinegar to attract the fruit flies and eventually drown them.

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