How To Get Spotify Free Premium Account

How To Get Spotify Free Premium Account


Spotify premium account is for the users who want to get subscribed to spotify for additional benefits. Spotify offers a vast collection of music to their users. The subscribers get to listen to the songs which are recently releasedbefore other users. The subscribers get no advertisements; the advertisements are erased for subscribed users and enjoyers. Spotify premium lets the users sync all the files of music in their playlist to their phones which is beneficial to you when you go somewhere where Wi-Fi connection isn’t available. This situation most likely occurs while people travel from one city to another or one county to another or one region to another. Spotify offer trials to users for premium for about 30 days.

 They can observe that whether the spotify premium account would be beneficial for them or not; for the trial they get maximum 30 days. Spotify offers its users 3 kinds of subscriptions i.e. free, premium and unlimited. For the users who are subscribing free account, spotify is offering them access to more than 20 million tracks, spotify allows them to create their own playlists, and allows the access to the playlists of other subscribers as well and they are offered with an option to discover which lets them discover the most listened tracks and the most recent music on spotify. This service lets you share your ideas among your friends and lets the users connect their spotify account with their Facebook and twitter accounts and share their favorites tracks with their friends there as well.

The subscribers of unlimited account enjoy the high quality of sound, they gets the freedom to get rid of advertisements. This is the best service account for the people who love travelling while listening to music as it allows the users to play or listen to the track anytime anywhere irrespective of the availability of Wi-Fi connection. It lets you create your own playlist where you can add tracks of your favorite type. Then there is the premium account which provides the highest best quality of music to their subscribers. It lets its subscribers enjoy the millions of track in offline mode. Subscribers of this account enjoy the benefit of access to the recently released songs and music tracks before any other account users. It also lets you obtain customized playlist.

These subscribers can also share their playlist with their friends on social platform. You just have to play a track, download it while offline or disconnected from the internet, listen the music in highest best quality without the interruption of advertisements. First of all visit the official website of spotify, create an account if you don’t have any, checkout the student discount offer. Now type your name in the top bar and select account type; now start the free trial of 30 days provided to you by spotify. In order to enjoy free trial you’ll first need to insert your credit card number in order to enjoy the free trial of 30 days. The payment will be billed out automatically after the trial period is over; Once you’ve subscribed to account you can enjoy music on spotify.

Know how to get Spotify premium for free if you want to enjoy the videos and the music for free on the spotify.


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