How to Jazz Up Your Motor Bike with MX Graphics?

How to Jazz Up Your Motor Bike with MX Graphics?

After choosing the finest graphics for your bike, there is another bridge you need to cross. People often struggle and are not familiar with the tips of placing MX graphics on their bikes. While putting the MX graphics on your bike, you might see it bubbling, misaligned or it may not seem to stick properly. It might be your first time handling it and that is why it can prove to be a difficult task for you. Though some of the riders are able to place the MX graphics really well on their bikes, the hardest part is when you cover the sides.

Tips to Place MX Graphics

Firstly, clean the plastic properly, especially if the plastic is a brand new as it tends to have a waxy residue on it that needs to be scrubbed off before you decide to put MX graphics on it. You need to follow the instructions that are given by the manufacturer because sometimes the glue on the stickers reacts inversely to certain materials.

Uneven Dirt Bike Graphics

The biggest issue when you jazz your motors with MX graphics is to align them according to the place available. Placing the new ones on the old ones is not a good idea. It is better if your remove the old ones first before you stick the new ones, so that other parts of bike won’t get in the way. It is too hard to take off the misaligned MX graphics once it is placed on your dirt bike.

How to Prevent Bubbling

Bubbling is one thing that you come across when you peel off misaligned MX visuals to align it again. Small bubbles can be ignored as they are only obvious in the sunlight, but big bubbles look terrible. You need to use your fingers to remove the bubbles of wrinkles. Another option that you can apply is to use a hair dryer. It will help to soften the material and it will be easier to remove the bubbles.

Custom Printing

The companies also offer custom printing by using Ultracurve X1 print-film which is a high-end print film and place designs without any bubbles.

Things You Need to Remember

The few things that you need to remind yourself are as follows;

  • Place the sticker on a clean plastic.
  • No sticky material must be present on the dirt bike when you place MX graphics.
  • Align the sticker before you decide to place it.
  • Try to make it smooth by using a dryer or your fingers, so that no bubbling occurs.

If you follow the instructions given above, surely you won’t be in need to hire any professional to jazz your motorbike with MX Graphics.


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