How To Make A Brochure For Your Wholesale Truck Insurance Services?

How To Make A Brochure For Your Wholesale Truck Insurance Services?

The brochure of a wholesale truck insurance company is one of the most strategic documents in its positioning and sales process. To create an effective brochure that generates results, you must plan it in the correct way. Here I will share a few points that you should review before making the brochure of your wholesale truck insurance services.

There are a few essential variables to consider before writing or designing the brochure, so let’s see what they are and how you have to deal with them.

Define the Purpose of Your Prospectus in Purchase Process

What do you want the brochure for? In which part of the buying decision process of your target do you want to use it? What results are you looking for with your advertising brochure of your wholesale truck insurance services? The brochures can basically serve five points of contact in your purchase process which are mentioned below;


It is the one to leave after meeting a potential client.

Point of Sale

It is one that is left at counters or strategic points where there potential customers usually are or go.

Respond to Inquiries

It is the one that is sent after a potential customer to ask about a specific product or service. It is usually online and requires personalized follow-up.

Direct Mail

It is about sending information to a specific target either via email or postal mail. You are actually prospecting the potential clients.

Sales Support Tool

It is used as the support in the presentation of sales of service and/or products.

The function that your brochure of wholesale truck insurance services will fulfill determine the type of content you should have. In case you are looking for an effective business brochure, your messages should be cover everything for better results.

Who is your wholesale truck insurance brochure addressed to?

A brochure is made for the client and it sounds obvious, right? So when you write your texts, choose photos and colors, think about connecting with them instead of being their boss in an ordering way.

You should know how your client speaks, how he likes to be spoken to. Of you? From you? In first or third person? Do you need technical or simple language? Formal or informal? What excites your potential clients? What problem do you seek to solve with your product or services?

Having all these questions clear in your mind will help you develop clear promotional ideas and messages that reach the insights of your potential clients and bring you the real wholesale truck insurance clients.


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