How to Make a Wooden Pergola?

How to Make a Wooden Pergola?

The pergola can be seen as a small place of the relaxation that can be improvised in your garden or a kind of airy and friendly little lounge, which can be the host of the family during the starry summer evenings. I will show you how to follow in a few steps and you will be able to build your own wooden pergola with ease.

Instructions to Make a Wooden Pergola

  • First of all, it must be at least 2.5m from the ground, so that no one is forced to bend down to settle there, and there is no sensation of choking later when the length of the vegetation on the pergola will be important.
  • The gap between the poles must not exceed 3.5m in order to easily find suitable sleepers.
  • The woods that can be used for making pergola are exotic woods such as bamboo or pine.
  • You will also need 6cm beams for sleepers, as well as 10cm wood squares for poles.
  • It is now necessary to trace anchor points to the paint on the ground. According to the plan, the lines must be parallel and straight.
  • Using an auger, draw 4 holes, two of 40cm and two of 20cm, which will give the pergola structure in small slope.
  • Mix dry concrete with approximately 10l of water, which will give mortar.
  • Leave in the middle an empty space the size of the square feet of poles, then leave 24 hours to give the concrete time to harden. Take the opportunity to assemble a side cross, and this, above two pillars.
  • Then redo the operation for the other two. The joining points of the ties must now be marked and then dug.
  • All that remains is to screw the rafters crosswise on the sleepers, then straighten and push each foot into the concrete.

A Word of Caution

The surface of the pergola, once built, must be known in advance. Consider whether or not you want to put in a small living room.

It is necessary that the length of the sleepers exceeds 20cm on each side of the pillars.

The joining points must be spaced 20cm apart.

It would be very pleasant for your family members to make sure that the pergola is overhung with a few aromatic plants whose scents will make it a pleasant feeling for the time you spend there. If you intend to hire a professional, you can find the best pergola building company easily via online search.


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