How to Make Your Instagram Profile Attractive?

How to Make Your Instagram Profile Attractive?

I love Instagram. It seems incredible to be able to see in pictures what people I am in contact with are doing in the real time on my own cell phone. I can leave comments and interact with them easily and any time. Instagram is also a great way to make yourself known and to the world.

I have my Instagram profile account for years and I have to admit that at first I did not pay too much attention to it. I used it for my personal photos and from time to time I also published a few images of interests and sometimes work related. My Instagram profile was halfway between personal and professional. Since I got in online business, I decided to use my Instagram account as the visual diary of my online business activities and enhance my business exposure.

This reflection has led me to ponder how I could improve my private Instagram profile for business purposes. I think I have found some interesting and very simple guidelines, so that my Instagram profile is more beautiful and to have more followers. And as what I like is sharing knowledge, here I leave you with some good tips to make your Instagram profile attractive. Once again my advice may sound obvious but at least to me, I am working great and I am sure that you too will work. Before starting with these tips, I have to say that above all, these guidelines are to make life easier.

As long first: Whatever you do, do it with interest, so have fun and enjoy this wonderful application and be natural. You just love the whole process of making the Instagram profile. Choose what you are going to publish, and write a little to describe the image you share and follow the comments. If you enjoy it, others with perceive it and that’s how it is.

Stop and think about the purpose of your private Instagram account profile. Ask yourself of it is a personal account, for my family and friends, or it is a professional account, to spread my work to other professionals and/or consumers who do not know you. Having clear idea in this regard will help you build your Instagram profile better with objectivity. Take care of each photo you share and I insist on this point. Always bear in your mind that quality is better than quantity. Every photo from your Instagram has to be pretty and purposed. Take care of the light, the focus and background elements if you are an illustrator, and use your Instagram to teach your illustrations, and only teach what you love.

1 – Provide Interesting Content

In this case, you have to share photos that are of quality, relevant, and can attract attention, that is, they contribute something. It is a formula that never fails. Combine the personal, informative and promotional photos in your daily publications.

2 – Show Yourself As An Individual And Not As A Machine!

An optimized and public profile interacting with others will identify you as a quality user and not as any bot.

3 – Instagram Profile Biography

Biography is one of the keys to success on Instagram. The more hook your Instagram profile biography has, the easier it is for other users to start following you, so do not waste your effort or emoticons in taking advantage of these crucial 150 characters you have.

4 – Create Your Own Style

Although it is always good to look at other instagramers and brands to start your journey on Instagram, the ultimate goal is always to have an Instagram profile that identifies you. Use the same settings when editing and posting a photo with same filters when sharing your photos.

5 – Never Lose Sight Of Your Followers

Who they are, where they live, what interests they have, what they use Instagram for, and at what time they connect are crucial aspects. As in any other social network, keeping in contact with followers in the key. Leveraging resources like GeoTags can also help you connect with your Instagram followers.

6 – Be Attentive To The Tendencies

Knowing what is being talked about at any time or what is most interesting thing in a timely manner will allow you to hook more to those you have and gain new followers on Instagram. The famous hashtag can help you in this regard.

7 – Comment, Share and Participate

We all like to be appreciated for our work, so do it for your followers. It does not mean that you do it indiscriminately, but when you see something interesting, especially if it fits your theme. If it is also in a photograph that does not have too many interactions, you will give visibility to yours.

8 – Take Full Advantage Of The Format, Speed, Immediacy and Use of Mobile Devices

In addition, there are many tools for your Instagram to have content in a constant, updated and attractive manner. Creating a publication calendar is one of the keys to success on Instagram.

9 – Don’t Lose The North

Link from your profile to your webpage, blog, Linkedin or online store. Instagram can help you have visibility but the final conversion is always done on another platform, so do not forget.

10 – Patience, Constancy And Respect

Instagram engagement is superior to most social networks but its feed rate is slower. It is also harder to get a loyal audience, so patience is very important here.


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