How to Paint a Bathtub?

How to Paint a Bathtub?

Do you want to restore your bathtub? Has time passed and it has become rusty and old? The solution is simple, restoring a bath, is not a complex task and also you will save the change completely, paint your bath and get a perfect finish.

Your bathroom is old, but you like the shape of your bathtub, it is a classic that you would like to keep, it brings style to the home and moments of pleasure. You do not have to get rid of it, with a simple coat of paint and some tips, you can enjoy it again and here we will tell you how to learn to paint a bathtub.

Paint a Bathtub with Polyurethane Paint

The material that we advise you most for is the polyurethane paint with a ceramic finish. We will have thousands of shades for us to choose. The color can be in agreement with the rest of the house, following aesthetic without disentangling with the rest of the composition.

Prepare the Bathtub

We will have to observe which are the zones most harmed by the oxide. If there are obvious holes, we will have to cover those areas, we will clean those parts with brushes of metal tips and we will eliminate the spots completely. Once this operation is done, we will sand the area, so that it is not irregular. We will have to use a coarse grit sandpaper.

Once smoothed and cleaned the most damaged part, we apply putty to fill the holes and it will have to be mixed with a catalyst to work properly. When applying, we will use a spatula, and carefully fill the oxidized parts.

As the putty dries, we will have to sand it, so that everything is on the same level. It is good to have different types of sandpaper, both fat and fine grain and the result will be more refined and thinner.

Now clean the bathtub, remove debris and dirt. Have a good squeegee on hand and apply it with scouring pads and wipes. Then rinse the bathtub with plenty of water, so that the cleaning is absolute. We will apply alcohol on the zone and we will have it dry removing it with kitchen paper.

And now comes the hardest part, we will have to sand the whole bath with a fine-grained sandpaper. Be patient and be steady. Once we get a completely matt finish, we can apply the primer and we will know that it is going to catch without problems.

Apply a Primer

We will have to get a small pore roller. We will spread the primer on the surface in a homogeneous way, trying to make a very uniform application that covers the whole mass. After this, allow to dry for 24 hours and then carefully sand the remaining imperfections. After this, clean the area of dust.

To Paint the Bathtub

We will have to mix the polyurethane enamel with a catalyst. Follow the instructions indicated by the product, so that the result is optimal. Just as with the primer, with a roller we will apply the paint throughout the bathtub. Try not to leave marks and make it a uniform set. Leave it to dry 24 hours and apply a second coat of paint. Leave it to dry again for 24 hours and you can enjoy your bathtub restored and untouched. Take your well-deserved bath after hard work!


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