How to Prepare a Shopping List?

How to Prepare a Shopping List?

In this piece of writing, I propose you to prepare a shopping list that meets your real needs and above all, to the possibilities of consumption over time.

In this way, you will avoid throwing away the item which remain unused and get expired as it often happens with many people since you many not keep the details of the number of cans, packages and open cans which are going to be expired as they are left and lost in the back of a pantry or fridge.

Let’s start making the shopping list but without detailing the food items we need individual, but we will base the shopping list on categories like desserts, breakfast, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, etc. and then later, depending on the price, time lapse and marketplace occasions like special offers, seasonal foods and the like.

Think about what roughly you will need to prepare different meals for the coming days and according to it we will prepare the list.

  • 2 types of meat for 2 days or dishes
  • 4 fruits for 4 days or portions
  • 3 vegetables for 3 days or dishes
  • 3 Fish packages for 3 days or dishes
  • 3 Pastries for 3 days or portions
  • 3 Dessert for 3 days or portions

Now with the list in your hands, you are ready to go to the supermarket and look for the foods from each of the categories while the prices are more in line with your capabilities and the relevant amounts that have the capacity to be consumed.

Do not be afraid to get out of your usual products and widen your range of purchase and it will give more cooking diversity, choice and shopping possibilities in the future.

With the purchase at home and what you already have in the cupboards and fridge, preparing a sketch with menus for the coming days, so it is to improvise and better distribute and avoid foods that you have at home which you got earlier.

In the end, sure you will notice a decrease in the expenditure on purchases and above all, a better utilization of the food you purchase from now on and you are also going to have more space in the cupboards and in the fridge and possibly more money in your wallet.


Making the categories so as to prepare the grocery list is really helpful in controlling your purchase and stop wasting money on unnecessary items.


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