How to Repair a Loose Tile at Home?

How to Repair a Loose Tile at Home?

Not only does it look very bad, but a loose tile can actually be very dangerous, especially if you have children in house. Knowing how to repair loose tiles is a very useful skill for a homeowner and will help reduce repair costs and repairing loose tiles is not very difficult. With little knowledge and patience, one can repair loose tiles on their own and without the need to hire the services of a contractor.

However, it is essential that you have all the materials and tools at hand. You will need a chisel or spatula, hammer, a cloth and a sponge, glue, alcohol and glasses to protect your eyes. It is also ideal to have spare tiles of the same color and design in case the loose one breaks.

Put on your glasses and get ready to get the job done. The first part is probably the most difficult, and this consists of removing loose tile from the floor. This has to be done very carefully so as not to break the tile and those around it. Do not force it but remove it with spatula chisel for putty. A useful tip in case you are not too sure about how to remove the loose tile, is to place a preheated iron on the top of the tile which will help the adhesive loosen.

Once you have removed the tile, remove the adhesive residue and soften the area. You can use a rag with alcohol to soften the stubborn parts.

When you have removed the old adhesive, prepare new adhesive that you will use to attach to the loose tile. Apply using the spatula, making sure the area is covered perfectly. Now, carefully replace the tile in place.

The last step is to apply the pasty in the newly placed tile. As the pasty of the rest of the pattern of tiles may have lost some color over time, it is advisable to add a bit of new to the old one, so that it somehow fits together and you will not notice the difference in color. Use a damp sponge to wipe off the excess slurry and clean the sides of the tiles as well. Follow these simple steps and you will be heading to repair your own loose tile to make it look like new!


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