How to Self-Tan with the Best Indoor Tanning Lotion?

How to Self-Tan with the Best Indoor Tanning Lotion?

Getting a tanning lotion is rally easy. Go to the market and you will find brands of lotions filling the cabinets of the cosmetics shops. Mostly people think of using them with the help of an expert, but the task can e done on your own too. The self tanning thing is not very difficult yet it needs certain important things to be considered.  Once you start control over such situations you can easily do the self tanning. The essential steps involved in the application of best indoor tanning lotion include the following;

  1. The tanning lotions impact withers away after certain treatments like waxing. If you are planning to use the tanning lotion, it is important to get all such procedures done before tanning.  Complete all the procedures like manicure, hair dying prior to your tanning session, otherwise if done after tanning it is of no use to get tanned.
  2. Self-tanner goes deep into the dry type of skin. If you use them on the dry skin then they would result in the dark patches which do not look natural. Use a rough scrub to remove the dead skin that covers the knees, elbows, ankles, and heels. To exfoliate the face skin number of facial scrubs or cleansers containing glycolic or salicylic acid are easily available.
  3. Though drying up is very important, yet some moisture is still required. In order to get that slight moisture impact most of the beauticians and tanning experts recommend to use gentle lotion very slightly around the sides of the nose and hard flaky regions including knees, elbows, and ankles. This is a preventive measure to prevent them from being dark or orange after the tanning.
  4. Just like you do massage or apply any kind of lotion, there are certain typical movements that are necessary. The tanner cannot be applied randomly any whereon the body, in fact it has to begin from the lower region and then go upwards. Don’t put large quantity at one time. With clean hands preferably wearing gloves take out a teaspoon of the tanner and apply in circular motions. By putting the tanner at the lower parts one can avoid weird marks that might be visible due to bending. Application of best indoor tanning lotion will help you most here, as that will not leave any lines at all.

If you follow all these steps, there is no doubt that you will get perfect results.

One of the primary purposes for using indoor tanning lotions is to moisturize the skin. This is because tanning can dehydrate the skin, so additional moisture is needed to compensate and leave the skin looking smooth and healthy. The ingredients in tanning lotion are melanin for pigmentation and various oils for skin protection and conditioning. Sunless tanning gives you the tan you want without the excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Obviously, the higher the percentage, the more effective the tanning action, though higher percentages tend to be more susceptible to streakiness after application. Another chemical, erythrulose, can also be used in this regard. I also recommend you to contact Samantha for expert advice at samantha @ besttanninglotions.

So you know what do tanning lotions do or what are they all about? Indoor tanning lotions basically promote the production of melanin. These indoor tanning lotions are not supposed to be used while you are in the sunlight. You need to utilize them when you are within your house. They are best when used with an ultraviolet source, for instance, tanning booth or bed.

The best product available in the market can be tested by applying the lotion to a part of your skin and find if there is any allergy associated with it and you should find complete details about the ingredients as well. The indoor tanning lotion is not just meant to alter the color, but it also is used to give a healthy glow to the skin. Hence, the best tanning lotion to get is the one that suits your skin very well. You must never make a decision in a haste at all for the reason that it can be really dangerous later on. Skin is the most sensitive part of your body and any chemical that do not suit it can become a big problem rather than a solution.

In short, the most excellent advice I can give you here is to have detailed knowledge about what you are going to buy in the market or from an online store because treating your skin is no joke at all. Therefore, you obviously need to get yourself fully aware of what you are paying for. If you get an indoor lotion that does not prove to be very healthy for your skin, it will be disastrous. And keep in mind that you so always use these indoor tanning lotions within a safe boundary and never overdo them to stay safe.


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