How to Use a Fabric Softener?

How to Use a Fabric Softener?

When you are washing clothes, fabric softener will not just make your clothes softer, but greatly reduce static cling and add a fresh scent that remains on your clothes after drying. You can use some types of fabric softener in the washing machine, or you can use the fabric softeners designed for the dryer. Fabric softener designed for the washer comes in a liquid form for top-loading and front-loading washing machines. If you want to use the dryer type of fabric softener, wait until your clothes have finished washing, and add the softener sheet to the dryer when you put your clothes in. The amount of fabric softener used depends on the size of your washing load. For larger loads, pour the fabric softener into the lid of the softener bottle up to the top line. For medium to smaller loads, use the lower line.

If your washing machine is top-loading, you can either pour the liquid softener directly into the washing machine when the rinse cycle starts to fill up, or you can pour the softener into the rinse container on top of your washing machine, so it will go directly into the wash when the rinse cycle starts.

If you use dryer fabric softener sheets, add 1 dryer sheet for a small to medium load and 2 sheets for large loads when you put your clothes in the dryer. Put the dryer sheets on top of the clothes, so that it comes in contact with all the clothes. Your softener dryer sheets can be used a couple of times.

The newest kind of dryer-based fabric softener is dryer balls. These little balls of fabric softener lift the clothes while circulating the air and reducing static electricity. This helps the clothes dry quicker. The dryer balls are supposed to soften the clothes as well, and they tend to work better for softening at low to medium temperature settings.

Liquid fabric softener can be used as well after hand washing clothes. When you begin to rinse the clothes, add 1 tablespoon of fabric softener to the sink of water. Put the clothes in the water and squeeze the softener through them well and rinse completely with cool water. With the newer steam washer and dryers, you can use dryer sheets in the machine while steaming, which releases a fresh scent and helps reduce static electricity.

Never pour colored fabric softener on top of clothes. The coloring agent could stain lighter colored garments. Always add colored fabric softener directly to the water or on the top of the washing machine only. To check out the collection of the best fabric softeners, visit TheReviewGurus.

As a person with frugal nature and to cover the monthly expenses in such a high cost living society with frequent hikes in prices, I try to save as much as possible around my house. When I find dryer sheets hanging out of the dryer and all over the floor, it really bugs me. I got to thinking that if I could make a homemade liquid fabric softener, there must be a way to make natural dryer sheets too and there is definitely a way and here I will show you how to do it on your own. Let’s see what you are going to need for this purpose;

  • 36 oz bottle of fabric softener (preferably homemade)
  • A spray bottle
  • A few clean wash clothes

I am going to show you in the next section how you can use your own homemade fabric softener recipe to make as much natural softener as you want. For now let’s just pretend that you already have some for the purpose of making these dryer sheets.

Take your spray bottle and fill it up halfway with cold water only. In the next step, measure out half a cup of liquid fabric softener, homemade of course, and add it to the water in the spray bottle.

Now shake the spray bottle until everything is evenly mixed in the spray. Take a wash cloth and evenly spray each side of it about five to six times. Toss in the dryer and dry your clothes along with it. It is a simple formula for making fabric softener sheets at home. It has been very convenient for me and you will find them a big help as well.

The commercial dryer sheets are full of harsh chemicals, but the ones you make at home are not only cost-effective but safe for you and your family too. So if you prefer dryer sheets to liquid softener, you can make them at home very easily.

There is another way to make fabric softener sheets.

Take an old t-shirt or cotton baby blanket and cut it into small squares. Create a solution of vinegar and a few drops of your favorite essential oil, which can be purchased from your local health or drug store, and you can add fresh natural scents such as lemon, lavender or peppermint too. Finally, soak the cloth in the vinegar solution for up to an hour before tossing it into the dryer with your clothing. The best part is that you can reuse them again and again, so just do not forget to wash them occasionally. For more info, click here.


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