How to Use a Rife Device?

How to Use a Rife Device?

It is a non-invasive, drug-free approach to the treatment of a wide range of diseases and general health. It uses electromagnetic frequencies to destroy diseased cells and bacteria in the same way an opera singer breaks a glass using her/his voice.

Rife device is a revolutionary medical device invented by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife in the 1930s. It employs the use of electromagnetic pulses in the body to fight cancer cells. Dr. Rife and his colleagues discovered that these impulses not only kill cancer cells, but also leaves healthy cells unharmed. Leading scientific and medical journals published articles on the results and success of the Rife device, and it remains relevant in modern times.


  • Configure the cables of the Rife device. Connect the rubber cables through the plugs into the prefabricated electrode holes on top of the device. Plug the wires from handheld electrode rods if you are treating an area from the waist to the head. Connect the cables of the foot strip to the treatment of the lower areas of the body.
  • Plug in the Rife device. Turn the intensity knob to the off position. Enter the per-programmed treatment adjustment code on the numeric keypad at the top of the device. Consult the service manual for treatment environments.
  • Pick up the hand electrodes or attach the foot strips on the bare skin.
  • Turn on the Rife device. Press the ‘Auto’ button. Select the option ‘Execute’. Run the treatment from start to finish without interruptions. Make a help to increase the intensity of the electrodes, as necessary. Mild stinging should not progress beyond the wrists or ankles if you are holding handheld electrode rods or using foot strips, respectively.

Instructions for the Configuration of Electrode

To obtain the maximum benefit from a treatment program, the correct installation and use of the electrodes is essential.


  • Select a pair of electrodes. If you want to treat an area of the body that is above the diaphragm, choose the hand-to-hand electrodes, but if the treatment area is below the diaphragm, select the foot foil electrodes.
  • Plug one end of the connection cable into the electrode and the other end into the rife device.
  • Place the electrodes in place, either on the feet or keep the laptops.
  • Enter the appropriate program code in the rife device, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and start your treatment program.
  • Adjust the intensity of the treatment by turning the intensity knob to ensure that any tingling sensation does not go beyond the ankles or wrists.

Always consult a doctor before using a Rife device. Its use should never induce pain. If it does, stop the treatment and revisit your doctor.

There are a lot of people who use a rife machine to relieve neck pain. It is believed that the instrument helps to promote chemical changes in the body and stimulate the immune system. Although the technology has existed for more than eighty years, the procedure is still considered experimental, so caution must be exercised.

Instructions to Use a Rife Machine

  • Determine the duration of the session. Many people use the rife machine for up to one hour. But your individual circumstances will determine the duration of your session. You can consult with your doctor to establish the appropriate rife machine frequency and duration of the treatment session.
  • First of all, find the correct voltage. Choose a voltage between 100 and 280 watts to relieve your neck pain. Start your rife machine at the lowest level and if not relieved, you can move slowly to the highest voltage.
  • Look for the precise points for the placement of rife machine, since its placement is very important in making the treatment effective. It should never be placed on the front of the neck or on the area of the heart. Before pressing the switch to the on position, carefully place it on the neck. The placement is usually on the right or left side of the neck, but always consult a doctor to determine the best area.
  • Consider the use of a rife machine frequency program while using it. Some people believe that the use of a frequency program in combination with the regular rife machine can improve the relief of neck pain. Ask your medical provider if this would be appropriate for your situation.
  • Evaluate your progress. After using the rife machine for several months, assess your neck pain. If the pain does not improve, try increasing the voltage to a maximum of 280 watts.
  • Consult your doctor about the health conditions. Before beginning use, consult your doctor about any health problems you have. People suffering from heart disease and those who carry a pacemaker should not use a rife machine for neck pain on a regular basis.
  • Do not use the rife machine running, while alone. Because this treatment is considered experimental, you should always have someone present while using it.

You can find many online stores with reasonable offers of rife machine for sale. Make a comparison based on quality and price and choose the best option to purchase the machine.


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