How to Use Hip Hop Beats?

How to Use Hip Hop Beats?

So you are a rapper who desires to get free beats to record a mix tape that you send to the record labels. This way you will be able to get signed and some producers may contact you. They will build some custom beats for you, or provide you with few live shows.

Even you can place a demo video to market yourself on YouTube, Myspace or Facebook. Simply you need to learn about some free styling, and if you can’t learn, you’re not a rapper. Just searching for some free beats to use as background music for a video clip, picture show or animation is not enough to make you a rapper.

Sure, there are countless royalty-free beats out there for you to find, but they might not serve you the purpose. Are you able to get beats for free? If you asked this question, know that no producer without any real talent would provide their beats away at no cost. So if you are looking to get some free beats from even producers, make sure you polish your skills to a great degree.

Now, it is true that there are some producers out there that are giving their beats 100% free, with no strings hooked up, but there are not lots of them, so you must know about some alternative methods too. You will notice that free beats will make you able to upload on the net and here you will have to go with some conditions. Producers make beats, so that they will get some exposure. It’s a sort of promotion.

The beat with the voiceover in the background of the music claims the producer’s name or his right on that beat, so you must get license over that beat. Once you mix a track and somebody listens to it and digs the beat, they will see that who actually created it.

Some producers can allow you to use their beats for non-commercial functions like creating a demo and swing your track on sites such as YouTube or SoundCloud. You can’t go merchandising your track with their free hammer in it. To be honest to the producer, they will know that if you propose to create a poster with their beat, you will wish to shop for a license for the beat. When you purchase the license, you will get a replica of the beat with no voice tag in it.


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