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Important FAQs about HID Headlights and Conversion Kits

Important FAQs about HID Headlights and Conversion Kits

What does the term HID mean?

HID is an abbreviation for High Intensity Discharge. HID headlights are those in which light is produced with an electric arc, and fixed between tungsten electrodes in a fused alumina or quartz tube.

What is the durability of xenon HID bulbs?

After greater intensity, durability is the primary reason because of which people opt for HID headlights. If you are choosing a reputed manufacturer, your headlights should have a lifespan of over 2,500 hours. This much lifespan is sufficed to last until your car’s life.

Does the bi xenon technology produce brighter light?

Both the standard and the bi-xenon technology produce light of the same intensity. The kits differ in the sense that the produced light is elected farther away with the bi-xenon technology.

Does a higher temperature range correspond to brighter light?

The temperature range affects the color of the output and not the intensity or the amount of light being produced. This is measured by another factor called luminosity. For lower temperatures, the produced color has a yellowish shade. For higher temperatures, the produced color has a whitish tinge to it.

What are the components of the best HID kit?

The components of a standard kit vary with the manufacturer you choose. Generally, a single beam HID kit includes two bulbs along with AC ballast, ballast holders, screws, and zip ties. A bi-xenon kit contains these components in addition to a relay harness, which can be used for powering the low and high beam function.

Are HID kits easy to install?

The difficulty of the installation procedure depends on the make and model of your car. With some vehicles, the process hardly takes a few minutes. In other vehicles, it can go to about half an hour or more. In all these cases, the front bumper of the car has to be detached and then the previous headlights are removed. Only then can you install the new HID headlights.

If DIY tasks are not your cup of tea, you can always ask a mechanic to install the headlights for you.

Can the same kit be used for a number of vehicles?

Every kit is different and may not be compatible with every vehicle. This is because car headlights are based on a different pattern, and the bulb you are using must match with this pattern.

Is it possible to replace HID headlights back to the standard halogen headlights?

The replacement procedure is just reverse of the installation procedure. If you go back through the steps you followed initially, you can have your original halogen bulbs on your vehicle.

So did we succeed in clearing your doubts or do you have some additional concerns? If so, either drop a comment below to get in touch with us and we will be back with your answer shortly.

HID or High Intensity Discharge refers to those lights that comprise of a gaseous arc filament in an arc shaped tube, which is filled with gas. Though this gas differs with every product, it is mostly xenon because of its increased brightness. Unlike the regular bulbs, which operate at vacuum, HID bulbs have a pressure that is several times higher than the normal atmospheric pressure.

HID bulbs are characterized by negative impedance. Until controlled, the current can increase continuously and cause the bulb to fail. This is why a ballast is used with HID bulbs. A ballast does not only control and limit the amount of current flowing through the bulb, but has two other important functions as well. The first is to provide a sufficient starting voltage for the headlights and the second is to ensure a continuous voltage supply that is required for operation.

HID headlights have many advantages such as better visibility and more durability. However, all these advantages are fully realized only when you use them properly and conduct regular maintenance. This is also important for your safety since inefficient or non-functioning headlights can cause accidents. In this article, we will first talk about some general instructions for safe use, then discuss the importance of maintenance, and will finish the article with some general maintenance tasks.

Instructions for Safe Use

HID headlights operate at high voltage and temperature levels. As such, you must ensure that you are using them safely so that you are not exposed to any risks. Here are some instructions for this.

  • Always ask qualified personnel for installing and adjusting your HID headlights.
  • Do not touch the bulbs when they are lit or have just been turned off. The surface temperature is high and may cause burns on your skin. Moreover, there is also a risk of an electric shock.
  • HID headlights produce a very bright light, so avoid looking directly at them if they are turned on.  Doing so might disrupt your vision and cause pain in your eyes.

The Importance of Maintaining Your HID Headlights

If you want your HID headlights to provide you with increased visibility and greater intensity, you will have to maintain them regularly. Should you fail to do this, you are increasing risks for yourself and paving the way for increased expenses. Initially, it may be just a simple component not working, but later on, this single component causes failure of the whole system. Regular maintenance can identify these issues, and since it does not take an extensive amount of time, it is fairly simple to conduct. You can see more info at TheReviewGurus.


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