Important Tips on Using Facebook for Job Search & Link to Access If Facebook is Blocked!

Important Tips on Using Facebook for Job Search & Link to Access If Facebook is Blocked!

To use Facebook for your job search, the bottom line is to have a clear strategy on the type of work you are looking for the industry to which the job belongs, and the company in which you want to work. The job seekers can benefit from the following tips by managing their Facebook profile.

Double-Edged Sword

Facebook can help you get a job or it can damage the chances of success. Although it is said that what is published in Facebook remains private, the truth is quite different. When you upload something to Facebook, you expose yourself to be discovered. Check your privacy settings on Facebook if you want to keep all information to remain uncovered. You must remember that Facebook makes money by selling your information and activities to advertising companies. Therefore, complete privacy on Facebook is a utopian belief.

Manage Your Profile

Consider removing any obscene and make your profile to appear publicly but have restricted access to privacy controls. It will give you more peace of mind when you have nothing to be embarrassed about your Facebook profile. Also check the groups that you belong. Groups with obscene, unethical and immoral content will give a very negative impression about your personality and also check out apps you have activate on your profile. What impression do you give to an employer when he/she discovers such groups and apps? And finally, refrain from racist or discriminatory comments in general.

The First Step to Seek Work in Facebook

Once you define your strategy and make a decent profile, you can delve into the search process. If you have selected several companies in which you want to work, visit their corporate pages, like and follow them. Companies use this space to publish relevant news which could help you in your research before the interview. Finding a contact on Facebook who works in the company aim to join can open many doors when it comes to getting an interview.

On Facebook page of Monster, you can use the BeKnown app that lets you find jobs without ever leaving Facebook. To use BeKnown, you must complete the profile. From this application, you can create your virtual resume and the app will present jobs that fit your profile and the information contained in your resume. An essential detail in this app is that it separates your professional profile on Facebook, so theoretically and assuming you’ve protected your personal profile with a high level of privacy, employers only have access to the professional part.

When you find an interesting job, you have the opportunity to apply with a click from the same page. Look for new contacts or invite contacts you already have in your other social networks. Besides, it incorporates a set of recommendations to be able to give points if you estimate that one of your contacts plays a great role in your current job. You can also receive points for things you have accomplished and the information will appear on your profile.

Remember the following basics when you use Facebook in your job search;

  • Keep a clean profile
  • Increase level of privacy
  • Follow the companies where you would like to work
  • Check your groups
  • Review applications activated on your profile

YouTube is the source to watch almost every video but at the same time it is the one of the major sources of time wastage and that’s why in various schools as well as in offices YouTube is blocked in order to make students and workers efficient and focused in their studies and work respectively. In contrast, this website is not only the way of just time wasting, there is lot of stuff that is very informative and students can learn and explore new ideas with the help of this site. If the people want to get an access to the blocked sites then there are certain ways that can be applied to unblock websites.

Unblock YouTube by Editing Host Files

In different schools and in workplaces the YouTube is often blocked with the help of hosts files and by removing such files one can easily get access to the desired content but there is need to acquired administrative rights otherwise no command will work out related to editing or updating of files and only option is available is to read the files.

There are some of the methods given below which are very helpful in unblock websites.

How to Edit Host Files Which are Useful to Unblock Websites?

  • In first step, press start button and then click on Run option or press Window + R and here paste this code.“C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc” and press the enter button.
  • Open the host files with the notepad by right clicking on the hosts files. Here you can see the YouTube option.
  • After getting YouTube in the list, the host files are edited. For this purpose, you have to right click on the hosts files then click the properties option and then press security tab.
  • Now choose the PC user. Here you will be notified that hosts files editing or writing is restricted. But there is no need to worry about it.
  • In next step simply click the edit option then select the user and then grant the consent. In this way, hosts files editing become possible.
  • Open hosts files along with notepad, one can easily write and update the host files. Just remove URLS from the YouTube and save the hosts files and now you are able to watch all video stuff.

Unblock Websites by Using Proxy in Browser

If there is no links available of YouTube in the host files then it can be unblocked by using the working proxy in the search engine. For this purpose, the proxy is obtained from other source which is used to set up the browser in order to unblock websites.Following steps are required in it;

  • Open Firefox and select the Advanced option
  • Then select the Network and go to the setting option.
  • Just add proxy by check mark “use this proxy server for all protocols”
  • Then press the OK button. To check that either proxy is workable or not, open If the search engine opened then the proxy is workable otherwise change the proxy with the working one.

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