Info about Types and Caring Routine for Natural Hair Weaves

Info about Types and Caring Routine for Natural Hair Weaves

Hair weave allow you to show off that long, dense, voluminous hair which you have always wanted. At the present, there are several types of hair weaves i.e. keratin, sewn, adhesive or clip. None of them damages the hair, but not all of them have the same duration to last or require the same care. Are you thinking of putting them on and you do not know which one to decide? Well, here I will help you to choose the right hair weave extensions.

Keratin Hair Weaves – The Naturalness and Shine for Your Hair

The keratin extensions are mixed very well with your hair for the reason that the bonding is made with keratin system containing the same proteins found in the nails and in the hair. They are practically imperceptible, offer a very natural vision and they have a very well distributed density of your hair. These are tufts of hair that are attached to the hair, on top, with keratin. The hot gluing technique is used to guarantee its adhesion and durability. If you want to remove them, you can apply special solvent for hair weave extensions removal and remove them without any problem.

Stitched Hair Weaves

The stitched hair weaves are along with those of keratin, another of the most used type. These are curtains of tufts that are attached to your own hair with small staples. You can have them in different lengths to create a different visual effect. There are sewn by machine or hand, and look much more natural in case of being sewn by hand. There are also smooth or curly ones, like the ones that the famous singer Beyoncé uses. Although the durability is shorter than others, you can have long silky hair and no one will notice that you are wearing a hair weave.

Extensions with Glue

They are also called extensions of Brazilian knot. In this case, the hair weave extensions are attached to your hair with elastic yarn or gum. The technique is to roll and knot each strand to your hair. It is a very good alternative to keratin hair weave, which does not damage your hair because the yarn does not contain any type of product. For the best variety of the new style of wet and wavy, pay a visit to

Caring Routine

The maintenance or care of your own hair is slightly different from how to take care of natural hair weave extensions. The length of your hair weave will also depend on how often you wash; the less washing means longer life. Before washing your hair weave, unroll them well by brushing them starting from the tips upwards using our special pull-out brush for hair weave extensions. Fill the sink with water at room temperature, not too hot. Place the ends of the hair extensions in the water and leave the sewing base or attachment out of the water. Keeping the base of the hair weave extensions dry will help to last longer and become less entangled. It is advisable to wash each extension piece separately with neutral shampoo to prevent tangling. You can also try a dry shampoo.

Using a good conditioner or mask when it comes to taking care of natural hair extensions is very important. You should condition your real human hair extensions every time you wash them. By not receiving the natural scalp oils that your own hair does get from the root, natural hair weave extensions do need conditioner to keep them shiny and smooth.


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