Instagram Web Profiles

Instagram Web Profiles

In this article, you will explores the main features of Instagram. Instagram web profiles are the online profiles of all who use this application and photographic network. To access only yours, you should visit your browser’s address, replacing that last word for the name you have chosen for your account.

These web profiles are enabled for all users on Instagram. If your profile is public, others can view your photos. Conversely, if your account is private, only those contacts you’ve approved will view your images.

You can use your profile to show your photos to those who still do not use this application. It can also serve to promote your work or your artistic creations and then you will know its main features and details especially if you many Instagram followers.


The first thing you see on your web profile on Instagram is the cover, or header, which consists of a mosaic of images created with your own photos from Instagram. Unlike the cover photo for your bio on Facebook , this mosaic is created automatically and is constantly updated.

Thanks to this automation, the cover of your profile will be constantly updated, which will benefit you if you are one of those taking few pictures on Instagram.

Individual Photos

Click on any of your photos, even those that appear on your cover mosaic to see it in a larger size. By doing so, Instagram will also show the number of people indicated that photo they like, including their profile pictures.

You will also see the comments that you and other people have written below the pictures. Likewise, if you are visiting the web profile of someone else and you have logged in, you can write comments or indicate you like the photo.

If you do not check comments on frequent basis that you receive on your photos by applying Instagram, viewing your photos on your web profile will give you the opportunity to read and also eliminate spam others might have posted on your uploaded photos.

If you find that one of your photos you do not like after posting for any reason, you can delete it from your account on Instagram. This is only possible from the mobile application, not from your web profile.

At the moment, it is not possible to share your photos from your web profile in a simple manner to other social networks, but you can do this from the mobile application. However, you can avail yourself of the simple technique to copy the address of a specific photo from your web profile, make a right click on the photo you want and copy the link to it. Then insert this link into an email, in a Twitter message or a Facebook update to name a few examples.

I will continue this topic from this point I am leaving you now.

Update: Please, click here [SAA1] to read the second and last part of this article.

Instagram Web Profiles

In the first part of this article, we discussed about the ‘Home’ and the individual photos. I am continuing this article from the point. Let’s start discovering more about Instagram web profiles.

Your Photos

Then your Instagram web profile will show those pictures you have already posted. These pictures are arranged in a chronological order with those most recent at the top.

When descending on this page, you will automatically load your previous Instagram photos. This works similarly to many blogs on Tumblr manner in which it is not necessary to click on a button to see more content.

Your personal information and mini biography

Under this mosaic, you will see your profile picture, username and information you entered in your mini biography. If you have not written anything on it, this space will remain blank. Use this opportunity to review the information you have posted on it. If you think that something should be changed, you can edit your profile on Instagram by clicking on the Edit Profile button if you have logged into your browser. If you do not see that button you must first log into your account using your username and password.

Remember that you can also enter a URL or web address in your mini biography. If you do not have a website or blog, you can include a link to your Twitter account , your bio on Facebook or even your LinkedIn profile if you want to highlight your side as a more professional person. Use this tool so that others can know more about you and you can connect with other people or even find new clients and opportunities.

With your mini biography, you can see the basic statistics for your account i.e. the total number of photos you posted that of those accounts that you follow and that of the Instagram followers you have.

For now, Instagram does not have a panel of more advanced statistics, but it has other services if you provide access to this information. You cannot see a list with the names of your followers as well and know from where they connect or what places they live.

If you are already an advanced user of Instagram and using it for commercial purposes, you must be in need of getting a great number of Instagram followers. Fortunately, there are many services from you can buy cheap Instagram followers and increase the chances of your commercial success.


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