Introduction to the Drill Bits

Introduction to the Drill Bits

The drill bits usually come with an extra coating which increases their performance and durability. The black oxide is used to save it from rust. Some are coated with titanium as it makes them stronger, sharper and harder. The coatings are usually thin. When the coating is worn-out, then the bits will work like the regular ones. If you are going to sharpen them, then remember that it will remove the coating as well. And also, the performance and durability will get an adverse effect.

The Essential Features of Drill Bits

The four core elements also define them in a more appropriate way.

1 – Point Angle

It is the angle which forms on the tip of the drill bit. The twist drill bits has a common point angle i.e. 118 degrees. Point angles are quite large for harder materials.

2 –Length

It determines the depth of the hole. It also helps to determine the strength and accuracy of the bit as well.

3 –Spiral

The spiral is also identified as the twist rate. It links with the chip rate removal.

4 –Lip Angle

If the lip angle is higher than it will mean that it will cut aggressively. It has a greater amount of cutting edge.

Types of Drill Bits

There are many types of drill bits, some of them are mentioned below:

Step Drills

It has an arrow type shape with flutes present on the sides. It is known as the uni-bit. The tip of it can be sharp or blunt. The sharpening completely depends on the material which you want to drill. It works well on metal sheets.

Twist Bits

It is one of the most commonly used drill bits. It has very sharp ends. It also contains flutes which are used to throw out the material from the hole during drilling. It is very commonly used because of its versatility and performance. It can work well on various materials. It is also cheap in price and is obtainable in different sizes.

Hole Saw

It is a very different drill bit which cuts around the sides yet leave the material in the middle.

Tile Bit

It is specially created for drilling the glass and ceramic tiles. It also has tungsten which has a carbide tip.


It is used to make holes with a very flat bottom.

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