Introduction to the Game of Paintball

Introduction to the Game of Paintball

Paintball is a sport practiced by people of all professions and lifestyles. It is a sport where men and women compete at the same level and where youth is not necessarily an advantage. As in a game of chess, deciding quickly and correctly is what makes one a fearsome player, intelligence, determination, strength, speed and agility are the keys to success in this game.

Paintball is a sport that helps develop character. The participants learn to work as a team if they want to win, gain self-confidence, develop the skills necessary to be a good leader and have fun while relieving their stress. Increasingly, large corporations are seeing the benefits of organizing paintball field trips in which all of their employees, from the cleaning crew to the bosses themselves, participate in a game where they have to work together to win and all are the same in the game.

Paintball is the exhilarating sport as it offers a lot of fun to the players. It is a way to forget the monotony of everyday life and find again the adventurous spirit buried inside due to the professional work load or any other reason. When the adrenaline rush starts, you will see why it has become such a popular sport.


For their own safety, all the players and judges must always wear the protective mask. The mask must always be used during a game, or in any area where it is allowed to fire such as in the field of fire. The paintball is a very safe sport while obeying all the rules. Insurance company statistics have shown that paintball is a safer sport than golf, tennis, swimming, soccer and many other popular sports, oddly enough.

The referee or referees ensure the compliance with the rules in the field of play. No physical contact is allowed in the game and players may be expelled temporarily or permanently for not complying with safety or behavior standards. The boundaries of the fields are marked by the net and the players who cross the line are automatically eliminated from the game.

Paint Balls

A ball of paint is a thin round gelatin capsule which has the colored liquid in it. The filling of the capsules is non-toxic, dissolves with water and is biodegradable. You can wash clothes and skin with soap and water without any problem.

The paintballs come in the multitude of colors such as white, blue, orange, pink and many more. When a paint ball reaches the player, the gelatin layer breaks and the liquid leaves a mark on the participant’s clothes or mask. Any player who is ‘marked’ in any part of the body is eliminated from the game. The red color is prohibited to avoid simulations of blood. This is a sport and it is tried to avoid any warlike or violent comparison.

Although there are many variations in the game, the most common game is to capture the flag. It consists of dividing the group into two teams, the number of people in each team varies, which in general are two or three per team up to hundreds of people in each team, in fact, the number of participants is limited only by the size of the field. It can also be played for elimination by equipment, protection of the hostage, ambush to the objective, etc.

The games usually last between 10 and 15 minutes depending on the number of participants and the size of the terrain on which it is played. Between games, participants often take a break to check their equipment, reload more paintballs, and enjoy a refreshment, while sharing stories about their exploits, victories and defeats on the battlefield. Win or lose, everyone enjoys and the next game awaits. Please, visit PaintballMission for more information about this thrilling game.


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