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Introduction to the Whole CPAP Equipment

Introduction to the Whole CPAP Equipment

For people who are suffering from sleep apnea, to say that having the CPAP equipment is a great help would be an understatement. Overtime CPAP machine has helped patients who are having troubles with their sleeping. Over the years it has helped both young and old people to overcome breathing problems while sleeping. With it, the shallow breathing and the pauses that they used to experience go away and they retire to a restful sleep at night. The CPAP equipment also has given them peace of mind because with it they don’t have to worry about their life threatening condition again.

Besides being a help to people with sleep apnea, the CPAP equipment has also aided people who used to experience loud snoring. Snoring may be ordinary to many but it actually can be a symptom of something worse so medical help should be sought too. What the CPAP equipment does against the snoring is that it provides the lacking oxygen to the person’s airways through a mask that is connected to an oxygen pump. The pump is electronically operated so the amount of oxygen that is carried out is consistent. This is so with the pressure.

The medical air pump that is included in the CPAP equipment also plays an important part in battling out sleep apnea. This is state of the art and is usually custom made to fi the condition of the patient. What it does is that it makes sure that the amount of pressure being produced by the CPAP equipment is just right. It is set to maintain the airways open so there wouldn’t be pauses in breathing.

Another good part of CPAP equipment is that it contains a mechanism that analyzes the amount of time for which it is used. There is also a monitor that counts the amount of oxygen that has been consumed in one session. The results are then printed so it can be studied later on. This way, even the doctors are able to know whether or not the conditions of their patient are improving.

The CPAP equipment is also designed really well. It is made to be carried out easily. It is very easy to position and relocate so one can use it wherever and even bring it when travelling. It can be placed just flatly in the floor and beside the bed for easy access when needed. It also comes out with a 13 amp socket outlet to be used in connecting it easily to power. Another good thing is that the product has been tested for safety several times so one can be sure that it will serve you will and it will not harm you in any way. CPAP Equipment must fulfill users’ satisfaction. The CPAP equipment has also been proclaimed reliable and efficient by almost everyone who used it. With satisfied customers all these years, there shouldn’t be doubts in your mind about this product. It is all you need for a sound sleep all the time.

CPAP masks and headgear come are available in wide collection of sizes and styles specially designed to comfortably and efficiently treat your obstructive sleep apnea. Since every person has different face shapes and sizes, a patient will need to try on a few different styles to determine which type of CPAP mask they will need to use.

The nasal pillow CPAP mask is a popular style, with the nasal pillows resting just beneath the nose. The side straps work to keep the mask in place. This type of mask is often used by patients who feel claustrophobic when wearing the other types of CPAP masks and it is ideal for the user who wears glasses or wants a full field of vision in order to watch television. The mask’s front mount, which contains the nose piece, can be adjusted up and down. The ball-cap-like straps will work to keep the mask securely in place.

The nasal mask is perfect for the individual who feels claustrophobic in other styles of masks, people who sleep on their abdomen or side, or for those users who want the option of using a mask interface or pillow.  The portion of the mask that covers the nose will supply air pressure. The foam piece located around the mask works by helping to seal air in. A nasal mask will be ideal if the physician has prescribed a high air pressure setting. People who move around a lot in their sleep can experience issues with other styles of masks, however, with a nasal mask the headgear will flex, allowing for frequent movement without compromising the airflow.

The full face mask is designed to provide the most protection against air leaks. If the physician has prescribed a high air pressure setting, the suction on the full face mask helps the mask to maintain a good seal and prevents air from leaking. This style of CPAP mask covers nose as well as mouth. The side straps will work to keep the mask in place. The foam pieces on this CPAP mask will help to seal the mask around the user’s face, without causing them to experience too much pressure. This type of mask also works well for the sufferers of congestion or a nasal obstruction that makes it difficult to breathe through the nose. A full face mask will also work for the ones who breathe through mouths when they are sleeping.


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