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Introduction to the Wood Filler

Introduction to the Wood Filler

Most people throw out their old furniture when it starts looking old or develops cracks or holes that can no longer pass off an antique look. These imperfections, while preferred by some, become the reason why you can find old wood for pennies on the dollar. However, there are some people who are aware of a substance known as wood filler or wood putty. These people repair their furniture themselves, making it look new as ever, and they do so not by hiring an expensive carpenter but by buying a wood filler.

A wood filler is a substance that is used to fill in the imperfections found in old wood, to make it look as good as new. It can comprise of two to three of the following components:

  • Wood dust
  • Blinder
  • Drier
  • Pigment
  • Silica

The filler can be used to treat a variety of wood-related ‘maladies’. It can fill cracks, gaps, holes left usually by nails, any part of the wood that has disappeared. It can also cure rotted wood, or replace chipped off wood. Hence it is the complete medicine for wood that needs treatment from any abnormality. That is why the commonly held perception that old wood is dead wood, is proved wrong by these substances.

Some Issues

The most common problem encountered when using this substance to cure a wood problem is producing the same color as the wood on which the substance is applied. As the substance is synthetic and produced by the mixture of a variety of ingredients as given above, there are good chances that the resulting color will be quitedifferent from that of the wood. This problem is solved by many fillers like the FamoWood Latex Filler which comes in 10 different colors. You can choose the mixture bearing the color nearest to that of the wood you wish to apply it on, and you will definitely appreciate the end result.


There can be two types of wood fillers according to their base ingredient; water based or putty based. Water based, like the FamoWood come with the added advantage that they are able to dry quickly and can be mixed with a variety of additives like pigments and colors. Putty based, like the 3M Bondo, take much more time to dry but are far easier to dye.

Choose the fillers according to needs. If you are choosing fillers for out-door furniture then, go with Butyl Caulk, Silicon Caulk, and Acrylic Latex. These wood fillers are weather proof having great resistance power towards moisture and heat. Among these fillers Silicone Caulk is best and it is highly resistible towards weather but it has a drawback, it cannot be painted.

Epoxy filler can be used for big gaps. They are hard in sanding so make sure you apply not too much filler on the required area.

If there are minor patches or marks you can use wood- finish pen which works good.

Stain wood filling process is very easy and simple to follow. You have to just follow very few steps of staining, sanding and painting which is optional but for perfect look you will need it.

There are many wood filler products that are available in the market and this presentation is becoming successful due to availability of new features. Customers like to gain new specifications that are making usage of these products easy and simple for all humans in the social order. With success of wood filler products; some presented items are more famous and well featured due to outstanding results that are favored by customers and wood experts. Some products of year 2016 are mentioned as under; this description is helpful to choose right product at apt time.


The licensed equation of this one goes on purple and gets dried white with the goal that you’re prepared to sand, color as well as stain the wood. You can take care of job done right. The users like it for the reason that it can deal with the hardest projects, and it has significantly low price that most customers can manage.

PC Products 128442 PC-Petrifier Water-Based Wood Hardener

It is water-based wood hardener product used for fixing of windows, frames, decorative items and old furniture. It is milky white in color with high quality and reliability.

Minwax Wood Filler

Minwax Wood Filler is also for all time repairs damaged and decayed wood. It is utilized to fill gouges and gaps in split, damaged or rotted interior as well as exterior wood items. It is climate, water, and decompose resist.


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