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Is Remote Car Starter System Effective?

Is Remote Car Starter System Effective?

In the USA, the remote engine starting systems are quite common now. This operation allows to start the car without having to be physically present and leave it closed while the engine warms up.

The systems for starting car engine remotely work with the same car key, but unlike what is usual, these devices allow you to turn the car remotely without actually opening the doors to avoid making possible risks of theft.

This form of automatic ignition is very practical in countries with the present of extreme temperatures as it allows the car owners to warm up the engine until they get to sit in the vehicle. Thus, the engine will reach the proper temperature to work more in a more efficient manner.

The user simply has to press the command, which sends a signal to the equipment installed inside the car. The frequency that facilitates engine to start is usually encrypted, so it is very difficult for a thief for trying to steal the car.

This remote car starter system first confirms closure of the car and then the activation of the car occurs. The time during which the car stays on is 10 minutes unless the driver indicates it to be extended to 20 minutes.

Among the features of this system, in addition to starting engine and door lock, it also flashes lights to indicate that the procedure is working properly.

Even if you think that these systems can start putting it very easy to foreign friends, nothing is further from reality. Before the remote start occurs, all the car doors are locked and besides, there is no ignition key that allows moving the vehicle. Similarly, these systems also include other safety devices to ensure that the car is not driven if it is not by the owner, for example, a sensor on the hood causing the engine to stop if someone tries to open or the same result occurs if the brake pedal is pressed without being the key on.

If you think a remote car starter is a good solution to start and keep your vehicle warm in the winter with temperatures going way below zero degrees, you must take advantage of this technology right now.

You are recommended to visit site to have more valuable information in this regard along with neutral reviews about different remote car starters, so that you get the best item from the market.

The original method for starting internal combustion engines were the crank and pistons which must be mobile before injecting the fuel to start the engine. Hand cranks were dangerous and limited, so automakers developed the electric starter.

Turn the Key

When you turn the key of a vehicle with an electric starter, it causes current to activate the starter solenoid battery. The complete starter solenoid is necessary to extract enough energy from the battery to power the starter circuit.

Starting Motor

At the same time the solenoid activates the battery circuit, it also pushes the starter gear in the position to turn the wheel. The starter motor then drives the gear to be activated as the starter, which turns the steering wheel, which in turn drives the crankshaft and pistons.


As soon as the pistons move, fuel can be ignited to start the internal combustion engine that provides power to keep moving the parts of engine and move the vehicle. Once the engine is running and releases the key, the starter motor is stopped.

How to program a remote control with Cadillac?

The keyless entry system functions in Cadillac with a remote transmitter with multiple buttons. You have to set each transmitter to work with your vehicle. Enter the programming mode of the vehicle which will erase any existing remote, so if you buy a replacement or additional transmitter, you need to program each transmitter for the car at the same time.


  • Insert the key into the ignition. Turn the key to ‘Run’ and return immediately to ‘Off’.
  • Open the cover interior fuse panel and pull the fuse for the radio. Grasp the fuse with a fuse shooters which are inside the fuse panel and pull it back to remove it. Fuse location may vary based on your specific vehicle, so check the fuse map inside the cover panel to see which fuse belongs to the radio circuit.
  • Change the key ‘Off’ to ‘Run’ and back three times in rapid succession. The doors are locked and unlocked to indicate that you have activated the programming mode.
  • Press the ‘Lock’ and ‘Unlock’ at the same time and hold them for at least 15 seconds or until the door locks the cycle. Repeat this step for each keyless remote you need to program.
  • Replace the fuse of the radio by pressing directly on the empty slot fuse panel and replace the fuse panel cover.

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