Jewelry In Candles – A Premium Quality Brand for Jewelry Candles

Jewelry In Candles – A Premium Quality Brand for Jewelry Candles

Jewelry In Candles was launched in 2013 and now has been successfully established in the industry for three years and has expanded greatly with further product line gaining delighted clientele. The business of offering jewelry in candles is on the rise and spreading to other countries gradually. Jewelry In Candles used soy candles and tarts along with gorgeous jewelry item hidden in the wax of the candle. Regarding Jewelry In Candles, the customers ask many questions, so here I have listed the most frequently asked questions.

I heard the term tunneling. Can you please tell me what it exactly means?

In case of tunneling, wax gets burned right down to the midpoint in the jar which leaves wax with the wall of the jar. Well, it shouldn’t happen. To stop tunneling, you have to ensure the candle’s wick is ½ inch extended. The soy wax can melt with low heat as compared to the normal wax. When you light a candle, allow it to get burned till the candle’s top turns in to liquid. Be patient as it takes time. You must avoid burning a candle more than three to four hours in one session to prevent consuming whole oils in very first burn. The next time, you should burn it for so long that wax pool is formed.

What type of wax is used at Jewelry In Candles?

At Jewelry In Candles, they use soy which has a different treatment as compared to the paraffin wax. It’s natural, non-hazardous, and totally renewable source grown in United States. The soy wax is completely organic non-GMO in the products manufactured by Jewelry In Candles. 

Where and in how much time I will see the hidden piece of jewelry?

Well, you have to be a little patient to discover the hidden jewelry, but your wait will not hold you longer than a few hours. In a few hours, you will be able to see a foil which contains your surprise piece of jewel, almost in the half length of the jar. Being Jewelry In Candles, we stand by our words. When you take out the jewelry, do not forget to extinguish the flame in the first place. It is suggested to utilize the tweezers to take the jewelry out.

Today, Jewelry In Candles is definitely a strong competitor on the market and you will surely have a pleasant surprise with your purchase.


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