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Kinds of Tape Measures

Kinds of Tape Measures

Today tape measure is an essential and unavoidable tool of any home. Their use spreads between the domestic and the industrial use. In every task of measurement the tape ensures accuracy and precision.  That is why while getting any type of the tape it is essential to check it thoroughly for its overall length, stand length, durability, accuracy, tang design, markings legibility, slide lock, and magnetism.

The types of the measuring tapes vary with their use. The generally available tapes include the following;

  • Tailoring tapes
  • Surveying tapes
  • Carpentry tapes

Tapes are a kind of ruler that is created out of metal, cloth, or plastic. All of them have linear-measure markings which can be either in the imperial units or in the metric units. The measuring tapes used in the United States generally have imperial units as the means to measure which include feet, pounds, and seconds. In all other parts of the world Metric units are used in the metric system.

The people like surveyors need accurate best to find the exact location of any point on the land. They have to find and work according to the angles and the distances that are present between the points. For such professionals the tape measures are used to find the hectometers. The job of a surveyor is basically to make maps and determine the boundaries that can help in creating the ownership. It is convenient to work with the flexible tapes so that they can be used in all curves and corners. It is easy to store them also as they can be rolled up after use. Thus, you can carry it in your pocket or in a tool box without any hassle.

Tailoring tapes are essential element of the tool kit of the tailors. Mostly made out of the cloth it is used for taking accurate measurements of the client that has come to get the clothes stitched. The basic measurements include that of waist, chest and hips, the length of the arms and legs. The tape is essential to measure in such a way that it results in the best fit.

Carpenters and construction use the tape for their crafts. Mostly their tapes are hard and stiff. The flexible version consists of a metallic ribbon that can be used in curved places. It is very important to have a one with the proper stretch. They are fitted with a metallic tang for perfect fit. Click here to know more.

Tape measure, are used for the accurate determination of the dimensions of objects. We can get the most accurate measurements. Tape measures are widely used in for industrial purposes and for household use as well.  Factors of a good tape measure are: stand length, overall length, durability, markings legibility and magnetism

A tape measure can be define as a flexible ruler. It consist of a ribbon of cloth, plastic, fiberglass, or metal strip with linear measurement markings. It is one of the most common measuring tool. The design of a tape measure allows for a measure of great length to be easily carried in pocket or toolkit.

In the past tape measure was invented for use in tailoring or dressmaking were made from flexible cloth or plastic. Today, measuring tapes are made for sewing fiberglass, which cannot be tear or stretch easily. Measuring tapes designed for carpentry or construction often use a stiff curved metallic ribbon that can remain stiff and straight when extended.

In this piece of writing, I will talk about the best tape measures which is the effective to utilize for industrial as well as home purposes known as Milwaukee Magnetic Tape Measure.

Milwaukee Magnetic Tape Measure

Whenever we talk about best tape measures, The Milwaukee Magnetic Tape measure will surely come up at the top of the list. It is one of the best tape measures and it provides excellent durability and features. One of its best feature is a Nylon band blade protector.

The tape is well-padded and it is protected against abrasions. People who are using the Milwaukee magnetic tape measure can feel its sturdiness when bringing it in and out. It will never break or snap. It does make an annoying noise while moving. The length of tape

Some people think that Stanley Powerlock is the best kind of tape measure but they are completely wrong. Milwaukee Magnetic Tape Measure is the best one and it is better than the Stanley Powerlock. Many people are using it and they are getting very good results. The length of the tape is 9 feet which is enough for many people.

Along with Milwaukee Magnetic Tape Measure, there is one more which his considerable known as Stanley FatMax Tape Measure. As the second option among the best measuring tapes, you should try Stanley FatMax Tape Measure by yourself for to see the results it will give. You can check this site to find more brands in this industry.


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