Learn About All The Koopas In Mario Bros

Learn About All The Koopas In Mario Bros

Koopas are evolved turtles and Bowser’s assistants. The koopa can be of different colors, if it has a green shell, it does not stop at the edge of a platform or precipice. A difference between the goombas and the Koopas is that in case of koopas, Mario has to jump twice to finish them, once walked on four legs but now they are seen on two legs wearing shoes in opposing thumbs. There are also koopas with wings called Koopas Paratroopas, although in the classic games of Mario, they only jumped, in the most modern games, they are seen flying without touching the ground at any time. Their leaders are Koa Koa (King Goomba) and Bowser (King Koopa).

Lemmy Koopa

It is the second of the Koopaling brothers and is the most interesting of all. He likes to play with balls, has a large collection of them and moves in one. It has a very psychedelic appearance. He likes the heat and is very immature, quite the opposite of his sister Wendy.

Roy Koopa

It is the third of the Koopaling brothers. Roy uses the muscles more than the brain. He wears sunglasses for the reason that they almost always send him to a desert world.

Iggy Koopa

It is the fourth of the Koopaling brothers. He competes a lot with Ludwig to see who is cleverer of the two, but Ludwig always wins and he is humiliated. It has the craziest koopaling personality.

Wendy O. Koopa

It is the fifth of the koopaling brothers and the only girl in them. She is selfish, spoiled and capricious, a spoiled girl with a strong temperament. It is the opposite of her brother Lemmy; she likes the heat, while he like the cold, she is mature while he is immature. She uses energy rings, and he uses balls.

Morton Jr. Koopa

It is the sixth of koopaling brothers. He has a star-shaped scar on his face, since when he was small, a star hit him and left a mark. Although he is the largest in size, he is not more powerful than his other brothers.

Brother Hammer

Seventh in the kooplings, it is a clever Koopa that throws hammers. Bowser is said to have more confidence in them than any other Koopa.

Larry Koopa

It is the smallest among all the koopalings. He is a lover of plants as he has his own garden at Bowser Castle. He is a joker but also proves to have much Picardy since once he tried to take the throne to Bowser.

Ludwig von Koopa

He is the older brother of koopalings in the service of Bowser. He is the smartest and possibly smarter than Bowser. When Bowser has a problem, he goes to Ludwig.


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