Learn What Popular Hashtags Are On Instagram To Use Them In Your Photos & Videos!

Learn What Popular Hashtags Are On Instagram To Use Them In Your Photos & Videos!

Instagram is a photo social network that allows you to post your photos for you to see your friends and contacts. Besides writing descriptions under them, you can also accompany with one or more hashtags, which serve to catalog your photos or videos. If you have just started to use this application, or in case you want to know just what the most used hashtags are, here you know what the most popular Instagram hashtags are. I use several of them in the photos I post every day on my Instagram account to get more Instagram followers.

  • #dailypic: basically it means something like “photo of the day”. They usually put in that photo that you like best or the only one you will publish it today.
  • #FOLLOW: Want someone to follow your Instagram account? Through this hashtag, you can ask others in a very direct and simple manner.
  • #photooftheday: Much like the first hashtag. Put it in those photos that perfectly summarize your day.
  • #fun: If you are having a great time with your family and/or friends, this hashtag should not miss any of your photos.
  • #love: This hashtag is introduced especially for the romantic snapshots, with the person you love or even objects or activities you love.
  • #smile: If you are taking a photo in selfie style, or just want to share your joy, share that smile with this hashtag.
  • #instadaily: This is another way to give importance to the most relevant picture of the day.
  • #igers: Abbreviation of “instagramers”. It is used mainly to call attention to other users of this social network.
  • #igersoftheday: Used mainly to mention the instagramers with those who have had more interaction during the day.
  • You #me: Are you a lover of taking selfies? You cannot miss any of your photos with this hashtag.
  • #gramoftheday: It is used by the users who want to “emphasize” its publications over others.
  • #hot: As well the name suggests, is used mainly in those images a bit more “risque”.
  • #instamood: This hashtag is used to tell our users what our mood is at the moment.
  • #bestoftheday: The day can have a wonderful time and what better way is to count accompanying this hashtag.
  • #tumblr: Any user who wants Instagram to link his/her account with any post for Tumblr should use this hashtag.

Find 15 Most Popular Instagram Hashtags

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks on the web and its popularity is on the rise and it is gaining more and more users with every passing day. When you use Instagram, it is inevitable to use hashtags with the words you use for describing your pictures. Here I present 15 most used hashtags Instagram users use on daily basis.

  1. #picoftheday: It is also used to highlight the most relevant shots of all day.
  2. #Selfie: You cannot miss this hashtag referring to the self-portraits in the more known social networks.
  3. #webstagram: Like the above, it is used to emphasize and give importance to certain publications.
  4. #potd: This stands for “Photooftheday” as well the name suggests it is used to highlight the most important images of the day.
  5. #instatalent: If you have a special talent you want to share, and want others to know, sure this hashtag will be of great utility.
  6. #insta_global: This hashtag is used primarily in travel images or exotic places that definitely will impact your Instagram followers.
  7. #instago: Whether you like sports as do dynamic photos, this hashtag is an option to take into account.
  8. #ig_snapshots: Social network Snapchat has become so fashionable that many use this hashtag to attach any Instagram photo.
  9. #gang_family: It is mainly used to mention those users who are close to you as any family member or friend.
  10. #instalove: It is widely used among friends and couples who love long and usually always go in the same photographs.
  11. #TBT: It comes from the acronym “ThrowbackThrusday” and Thursdays is used to remember any fact or last photo.
  12. #ig_bestever: If you have one of your best friends on Instagram and would make a nice mention, this hashtag is sure you get it.
  13. #literature. This hashtag is used by book lovers who want to present their latest acquisitions in book form.
  14. #bepopular. If you like to surround yourself with really cool people and always be up to date in all, this hashtag should not be missed in your Instagram.
  15. #YOLO: Its stands for “You only live once” and is used to give messages of encouragement and emphasize that it is better to enjoy life as it comes.
  16. With proper use of popular hashtags, the advanced users also buy Instagram followers for more exposure in the Instagram community.

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