Lockdown and Weight Gain Should you worry?

Lockdown and Weight Gain Should you worry?

There are many reasons people have Gained weight during the lockdown. One reason is that people were not much physically active. If a person who is always active and suddenly found sitting at home all-time for months you must have put on some weight.

The second reason people have gained weight is due to stress the lockdown has been a very stressful time for many people. Stress is linked with higher inflammation of the body and weight gain. So it’s not too late and if you start now with some simple steps you can get back to the track.

The problems which are coming ahead is more challenging for everyone that is why you need to be healthy and handle the setbacks and problems.

Get Back into an exercise routine: First, you need to figure out what was the reason for the weight gain in lockdown. If the reason is lack of physical movement, Then first you need to get your hands on the basic gym equipment or start some bodyweight exercises. This will help you in being active physically and mentally.

Check what you are eating: Now it’s time to check the food that you have been eating throughout the lockdown and have put on weight. If you have been eating so much food especially fried foods, sweets and alcohol. So now it’s time to start cleaning all the unhealthy food and start eating food full of protein and carbs.

Calm your mind: If you have been under too much stress then meditation can be a stress buster for you. You need to calm down yourself as one of the reasons for weight gain is stress. So you must start practicing Yoga and other such activities which will keep you calm.

Eat Regular meals: Eat frequently and have some healthy snacks. include nuts, vegetables, fruits and also you can have a smoothie. If you feel hungry frequently and craving for food every couple of hours it means that you do not have a blood sugar balance. So without restoring it would be very difficult to lose weight.

This will help you to get rid of all the lockdown weight you have gained. If you want a trainer to guide you then you can go for FitsApp where you can book a trainer at home and also live sessions. They are serving all over India through live fitness session and Trainer at home in Hyderabad.


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