Louis Vuitton – The Brand History

Louis Vuitton – The Brand History

Not every day is founded one of the most powerful, successful, imitated and recognizable brands in the fashion industry. Its founder, Louis Vuitton, probably suspected little or nothing that the business of suitcases and purses he opened in Paris in the 1850s would become one of the marks of reference at the end of the twentieth century.

The good workmanship, the quality of the materials and the exclusivity of the designs have made it a living history of the last century in a reference of luxury leather goods. The success passed from parents to children and children to grandchildren until, with its merger in 1989 with Moët Hennessy, the largest conglomerate of big names that it is today, a true new model of global and gigantic company.

Achieved practically everything in its scope, in 1997, Louis Vuitton decided to launch itself to the conquest of the prêt-a-porter. To this end, they hired and gave carte blanche to a young New York designer, Perry Ellis responsible for the diffusion and popularization of the grunge movement, Marc Jacobs. The company, with a legendary tradition, had found in a lover of retro romance in the past and the present, which is the most important thing to the perfect last for his new shoes. Thus, began an idyll that lasts until today.

Guilty of the latest fevers of the fashion world as obsession for the ladylike of the 50s, love for vintage or layers over layers of clothing, responsible and creative director of the female, male and cruise lines, in addition to Marc Jacobs, and his second line, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton is one of those few designers able to predict, season after season, trends that will sweep over the catwalks and flood the streets.

One of Marc Jacobs’ strong points, his collaborations with different creators and artists, from the director, muse and friend of Jacobs, Sofia Coppola, to rapper Pharrell Williams or Japanese Murakami. They are all very different, but they have something in common, they are very interesting, they have energy, curiosity, sense of adventure and love for different manifestations of popular culture”.

After the spring-summer 2014 parade, Marc Jacobs announced that he would leave the fashion house after more than 15 years to focus on his own brand. Louis Vuitton still stands tall today winning over the hearts of its consumers in every season.


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