Louis Vuitton – The Father Of The Fashion

Louis Vuitton – The Father Of The Fashion

Louis Vuitton was a pioneer in luggage design back in the nineteenth century, when the increase in the frequency of transfers and travel became commonplace and widespread. Vuitton excelled in designing suitcases and trunks that effectively solved the need to move belongings over long distances.

It is noteworthy that his contact with the power of his time, especially with Napoleon III’s wife, Eugenia de Montijo, whom he provided with luggage, was crucial for his commercial growth in France and in the rest of the world.

Today the name Louis Vuitton has transcended the person and is a hyper-secure and recognized brand in the fashion and accessories market. It is certainly associated with luxury designs. Both the bags and the wallets that this brand today, in charge of the president of the company, Bernard Arnault, produces and designs are worth thousands and thousands of euros and undoubtedly are a sign of the provision of high purchasing power.

Vuitton was born in Anchay, France, on August 4, 1821. When he was still a teenager, he went to the city of Paris to find work and found one as an apprentice in a factory.

The theme of travel was something that interested and obsessed Vuitton and that is why he advanced to find out how to create leather luggage that is resistant to transfers and inclement weather. With an example, he undoubtedly painted this talent, his first suitcase had a flat design, so that it could just be stacked and had iron borders to add to its resistance in the train travels or steamer, plus the addition of waterproof fabric.

His commercial approach and the absence of competition for those times erected him as the master and lord of the luggage. Another design hinge in his long career was the design of a trunk for travel that allowed to hang the clothes and had drawers.

The Empress Eugenia, who spread the brand throughout Europe, was joined by other prestigious clients and other personalities of high status and culture who also bought the unique designs of Luis Vuitton.

In the year 1892 Vuitton died, nevertheless, his mark had already transcended and to the date, it is one of the most important brand of the worldwide market. Though the rich can afford to buy the Louis Vuitton wallets, handbags, shoes and other accessories, the brands is known to everybody in most parts of the world.


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