Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach – 3 Main Characters of Mario Bros

Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach – 3 Main Characters of Mario Bros


Mario is the main protagonist of this game series. He is a kind, brave and patient hero with a strong sense of justice, morality and kindness with a great character. He always puts the needs and problems of the others before his own. He is willing to risk his life to save millions of innocent people from the evil forces. He is madly in love with Princess Peach and therefore always saves her from the clutches of Bowser or the other villains.


He is Mario’s younger brother, and his first appearance was in the game Mario Bros. in 1983. He is said to be shy and cowardly, but in some games, he shows that he has enough bravery. Luigi’s mission for the GameCube has to rescue his brother Mario from an enchanted mansion plagued with ghosts. Luigi had to face his fears to rescue his brother, and since then has always been identified with Luigi ‘his’ mansion.

His last appearance in the video games until now has been in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games and New Super Mario Bros. Wii like the selectable personage. Now it comes out in Super Mario Galaxy 2 like the personage playable in the certain worlds, and in time, like main player if you want. Luigi and Daisy show some mutual attraction in a few games such as Mario Baseball or Mario Golf, so it follows that both have the same relationship as Mario and Peach.

Princess Peach

Also known as Princess Toadstool, she is a major character in the saga of Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo consoles. She is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, and at her service she has a lot of mushrooms called Toads. Her main role in the games is to be the damsel in distress that must be saved by Mario from the clutches of the evil Bowser. Her first appearance was in the year 1985 in Super Mario Bros., game from which she always has been kidnapped, except in Super Mario Bros. 2 and the rest of the games of Mario that are not of the sort of platforms and with the special exception of Super Mario Land, where the kidnapped/protagonist is Daisy i.e. Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, Mario Party and a few others.


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