Mobile Property Managment for Dummies

<strong>Mobile Property Managment for Dummies</strong>

You probably already use some of these options in your business. For example, you could upload all your rental documents to a Google Drive folder that you have integrated with your email service, 1C for bookkeeping, Facebook or Twitter for marketing, and email for constant communication.

But you can definitely do more. There are applications that can be integrated into almost every aspect of your property managment for dummies.

Why do you need it, you ask? Think about all the time you spend in the office looking through paper files or talking to residents about problems that could be solved online.

Mobility helps you get out of the office to do other tasks. It can also reduce costs by improving management efficiency and save time for your residents, but that’s not all.

#1: Marketing

So much goes into marketing your business, from email marketing and social media to traditional sponsorships and brochures. But there are apps that can help you automate at least part of your marketing efforts.

For example, resident apps or a real estate showcase are great for building awareness of your business and generating leads, and can help you schedule and track posts on your accounts.

From social media to ad listings and analytics, the Smart Unity platform caters to all business marketing needs. Use such a full-service platform to keep everything related to marketing in one place and let the professional BMS platform do most of the work.

#2: Maintenance and Work Orders

Maintenance is becoming more of a priority for property managers and their residents, who expect everything to be fixed almost immediately after they make a request.

The property management software completely centralizes the application and verification process: you can create, share, manage and verify your own maintenance and repair request templates from your smartphone. You can even create a checklist for other employees to review for agreed requirements.

#3: Rent and rent

When you’re ready to sign a lease, property management software and its companion apps can also be a huge help, eliminating paperwork while saving every last document – even allowing prospective tenants to sign a lease from their smartphone.

You can also give tenants the opportunity to communicate with their managers and pay monthly rent directly from their mobile device in the Smart Office mobile application. Even if the tenant personally approaches you with a check or cash, you can immediately record the receipt of funds in the Smart Unity app.

#4: Connect with residents

There are many ways to communicate through technology that can be part of the problem. To remain effective, property managers must limit certain communications through the right channels. Persistent sites or portals are usually the best way to gather this information into the right segments, whether it’s a service request or a general request. The Smart Unity app allows residents to send you messages and receive immediate push notifications to respond in a timely manner.

Beyond maintenance requests, when it comes to communicating with residents on the go, the Employee app allows property managers to bundle all their messages from a central site along with their texts so they never miss an important task (or miss a detail).

#5: Property Management Software

You can increase flexibility and access to your information using any (or all) of these application options. But finding and keeping track of each one can be as difficult as keeping track of your paper files.

The good news for property managers is that the Smart Unity property managment for dummies platform has centralized much of this functionality, as well as bringing mobile capabilities where owners and residents need those most.


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