Organization of Mine Management

Organization of Mine Management

In accordance with the coal industry management scheme, a typical mine management structure has been developed, which provides for all structural divisions for various mining and production conditions. The mines managment organizes the internal divisions (sections, workshops, services) on the basis of in-house economic accounting. Regulations on the internal divisions of the mine are approved by the director of the mine. The structure and staff of the mine are approved by the general director of the production association in relation to the standard structures and staff of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of the American Federation. The distribution of duties between engineering and technical workers is carried out in accordance with job descriptions approved by the director.

The dispatching service of the mine carries out operational round-the-clock management of all production units of the mine. The dispatcher registers the operational state of the entire mine economy, manages mine transport, monitors the condition of substations, stationary machines and mechanisms, main ventilation fans, records production at individual faces, registers downtime of individual mine technological units, etc.

Structural divisions at the mine.

  • Mining area.
  • Section of tunneling works.
  • Section of ventilation and safety engineering (VTB).
  • Section of indamine transport.
  • Section of RGV (repair, restoration of workings).
  • Repair and installation site (RMU).
  • Section of underground lifting (UPP) and drainage.
  • Site of electrical service.
  • A site of hozrabota.
  • Department of material and technical supply (OMTS).
  • Technical service.
  • Ecological service.
  • Labor protection service.
  • Human Resources Department.
  • Production service.
  • Leadership and management apparatus.
  • Accounting.
  • Department of technical control (QCD).
  • Department of the chief mechanic.
  • Area of ​​prevention and safety.
  • Mechanical shop.
  • Site for the repair of GSHO.
  • Section of automation and communication.
  • Mine surveying service.
  • Planning department.
  • A section of stationary installations.

Technological complex of the mine surface

The following technical structures are located on the surface of the mine: an administrative and amenity plant (ABK), buildings of lifting installations, mine surface substations, a boiler house, buildings of main ventilation fans, mechanical workshops, a material warehouse, loading platforms or warehouses, a warehouse for fire-fighting materials, a timber warehouse, a warehouse Fuel and lubricants, pumping and water tanks.

The ABK includes administrative-office and bath-production parts. In addition, the ABK includes: a health complex, a buffet, a first-aid post. A block of premises for various purposes consists of mechanical workshops, a heater room, etc.


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