Overview of Bolt-On and Clamp Mounting Interface Bench Vises

Overview of Bolt-On and Clamp Mounting Interface Bench Vises

If you are an experienced person when it is about working in the house or you are ambitious one but just short by time at present, I may be able to help you save a little time of yours regarding the choice of a bench vise. In this piece of writing, I will let you know the salient features of a bench vise so that you can make an informed decision when you are out in the market to buy one, so keep reading to discover the features.

Mounting Interface

There are two kinds of mounting interfaces which are mentioned below;

  • Bolt-on
  • Clamp

1 – Bolt-on Mounting Interface

As its name suggest, this one can be bolted straight into your workbench with the help of a flange. It normally needs four bolts to place the bench vise on the workbench. It’s considered to be a heavy-duty one and it is a must-have tool in case you are going to utilize the bench vise for the application of very high fastening force. It is possible that it may turn out to be somewhat problematic to mount it on the workbench for the reason that you might land in the in the need of making a little modification on your workbench as it will require to be fixed with a few drilled holes.

2 – Clamp Mounting Interface

When we talk about the bench vise with clamp mounting interface, it appears to be very easy to fix ad compared to the bolt-on mounting interface bench vise. Since it is easier, it is less secure as well. This is why the use of clamp mounting interface is suggested for the lighter-duty applications where you do not have any intention to put on greater clamping force with the bench vise. I am sure you would have made a guess that clamp mounting interface bench vise holds to the workbench just like a C-clamp.

These are the two main kinds of bench vises and there are a few more kinds like vacuum and electro-magnetic, but these kinds are not used much and may be required in rare and special cases by the artisan.

If you are willing to buy a bench vise, I would suggest that you read more reviews available on various online review platforms and dedicated websites for product reviews so that you can finally get a useful product instead of regretting after making your purchase.

The bench vise is a multipurpose instrument, but this may not be instantly evident that how different kinds of applications a bench vise can offer you when you work with this tool. You work with wood, metal or some other matter, a bench vise brings you the steadiness and firmness of the work piece you require so as to carry out your intended work with absolute accuracy. In this article, I will talk about a few used a bench vise offers you, so let’s get started.

Project with Glue

The bench vise is unbelievably supportive when you’re use glue in your task of woodworking. Many of us depend on the gravity to clamp our project till the glue get dried, but as an alternative, it is advised that you use a bench vise for this purpose. All you have to do is position the project cautiously and let it sit with the complete peace of mind as you know for sure that your project will stay seamlessly in its place till the time you find it alright to take it off the bench vise. For the project with the use of glue, a bench vise is certainly a blessing.

Use of Bench Vise in Works of Metal

In addition to woodworking projects, this tool is an indispensable one in the projects of different metals for the reason that it helps in clamping the work piece very precisely and firmly making it easy for the operator to work with precision. The use of bench vise in metal working reduces the chances of error.

Use it with Conduit Cutting

When you want to cut the electrical conduit, this is vital to keep it in place very steadfastly and a bench vise is a seamless instrument in this regard.

As an Alternative to Workbench

A workbench is of course a very necessary item in woodworking and metal projects and project with many other sorts of material. Here this aspect is of high significance to keep in mind that a bench vise can be used an alternative to a workbench and you will not feel the lack of a workbench.

Here you can see how multipurpose a bench vise is, but all of the makes and models are not created equal, so it is highly recommended that you read detailed reviews on different online platforms where people publish their reviews about the bench vises they have used and let the others know how they found the particular they used. 


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