Places of interest in Palma de Mallorca Old Town

Places of interest in Palma de Mallorca Old Town

Palma de Mallorca Old Town astonishes numerous people. It is elegant and classy; still it is occupied with life. This lies on the southern shores of Mallorca, and you can easily see the depth of the sea from here.

It is a breath-taking place and spending your idle time on this island is the best thing to do. This place offers the following things;

  1. A lot of sand
  2. Sparkling water
  3. Lovely natural world
  4. Ample space for water sporting
  5. Elegant restaurants

Palma de Mallorca Old Town has a lot to amaze people. Apart from the above-mentioned things, it has many classy cathedrals and many places for playing.

The journey begins with the Placa d’Espanya, this is nothing but a transportation center. From here, you get the buses and the trains for travelling, and via these, you can see this glorious place.

Take a bus or a train and reach to the La Seu cathedral. It is one of the famous cathedrals of Palma de Mallorca Old Town. It was earlier a mosque but it later converted into a cathedral in the year 1229, it is long time back-story. However, the construction and the alterations did not complete, until the year 1601. Many problems came in between the making of this. A person named as Gaudi came and along with his efforts, then this mosque was formulated into a cathedral. The cathedral of Palma de Mallorca Old Town is striking and stunning to attract the people and the tourists. The cathedral was given a beautiful look and it still exists.

Just adjacent to the beautiful cathedral of the Palma de Mallorca Old Town, there is a park. This park consists of the foundation stone of this vibrant city. Walls separate the park and the cathedral; these walls are called as the town walls and there is a covering that seems extremely stunning too.

There is a famous saying that means the older the better. It is true in fact and it goes best with the Palma de Mallorca Old Town. Here in this ancient city, you will come across a striking construction. The words cannot describe the old building’s attractiveness.

It is fun to move through these buildings and watch them, as their beauty is beyond words. Each of the building is different from the other in look, and that makes it more appealing. In addition, there are other parks, convents and cathedrals too in the Palma de Mallorca Old Town.

There is a stunning garden too, that has the monuments of the Moorish time. This garden magnetizes a great number of people to it. It lies beside the Arab bath. However, the Arab bath was graphed in an outstanding way. It is disclosed by the historians that the Arab bath was made in the 11th century and it has a big space for the light and air to come in.


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