Reasons to Prefer Buying Jewelry Candles from Fragrant Jewels

Reasons to Prefer Buying Jewelry Candles from Fragrant Jewels

Fragrant Jewels commenced working with a crystal clear idea of serving their consumers with the finest hand-crafted jewelry candles along with remarkable customer support service. Fragrant Jewels does not compromise over the quality of the candles just to enhance its monetary benefits.

The jewelry candles at Fragrant Jewels are made from their branded coconut wax which contains rich and creamy texture with lengthy cleaner burn. Fragrant Jewels uses the coconut wax for the reason that it has resilient aroma retaining feature compared to other waxes available on the market.

There are many big brands in the industry of jewelry candles and most of them outsource their products to China and the similar countries, but Fragrant Jewels does not do so. Every candle manufactured at Fragrant Jewels is hand-poured in California.

It is a well-known fact that outsourcing to China will be cheaper which obviously mean more profit, but Fragrant Jewels is a highly patriotic company that believes in providing work opportunities to its fellow countrymen.

Fragrant Jewels is out and out a company with high moral, national and social values and it is reflected in their concerns with environment, hob opportunities, and involvement with social welfare organizations.

Fragrant Jewels supports the social welfare organization namely American Humane Association and KIVA by giving a certain percentage of the profit the company earns. The quality of products is already excellent and as a true patriot, I find the other reasons more enough for me to purchase the products of Fragrant Jewels.

Steps to Find the Jewel in the Candle

Some people are overly curious and impatient and they start digging the wax in the jar as soon as they receive the candles. If you do so, you will surely lose the value of the candle for the reason that it may not work as it should do. In fact, the enjoyment is in those moments of wait you spend while letting the surprise emerge itself.

Step 1

You just light the candle and take the delight in the stunning aroma which slowly fills your surroundings.

Step 2

The moment you see shining golden foil appearing in the candle jar, put out the candle if you do not want to let it lit for more time.

Step 3

Now with the help of tweezers, take out the foil in which your jewel is wrapped.

Step 4

Unwrap it and you will see your lovely ring. In addition, you will see a Vault Code as well inside the wrapper. This Vault Code is your source to win a ring of even higher value ranging from $100 to $10,000.

Step 5

Now visit the official website of Fragrant Jewels and enter the Vault Code to enroll in in the lucky draw.

It is for sure that you will find a ring with surprise value in every candle bought from Fragrant Jewels.


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